Best Camera Rumors in 2020

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We have seen a significant change in the camera for the last couple of years in the market. Some time ago, the DSLR was popular, but now the mirrorless camera is becoming popular and increasing its sales fast rather than a mirrored camera. Even Canon and Nikon, which we’re keen to protect and improve their DSLR sales, have got severe about new mirrorless cameras. Nevertheless, the DSLR is going anywhere for now. Nikon and Canon have announced that they are developing a new level of DSLR camera. 

So, what are the best camera rumors we have seen so far this year? Here we have combined all the latest information. And provide you here to know more latest rumors for each manufacturer. So let us start with every latest camera rumor. 

Some of the Best Camera Rumors for 2020

Canon Camera Rumors

Canon has planned and is serious about making a mirrorless camera with two full-frame models, but what about the canon APS c format camera. However, in APS c format cameras need a large size of the sensor and a costly component in the digital camera sensor. So, to make this camera more affordable, they reduced the size of the sensor. Producing an EOS R camera with an APS size sensor may increase their sales. Canon has launched the full-frame EOS R and RP with a new lens mount. 

Canon EOS 7D Mark3

The EOS 7D marks 3 is an updated version of Mark 2, and it should have a 32.5 MP sensor and DIGIC 8 image processor. It means it should match the 10/11 fps burst shooting mode of the EOS 90 D. This camera is best for live view because of its dual pixel CMOS AF system. It should have the inclusion of touchscreen functionality. You are thinking, what about video? In Canon camera, the 4K recording to 30p is becoming the standard part, so no doubt we will see it here too.

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High-Resolution Canon Camera

Canon currently has two 50mp DSLRs, such as EOS 5DS and 5DS R, that were launched in February 2015. But this time, this is the best camera rumors for 2020. The rumor about this camera is that Canon is working on 63mp and 75mp sensors. Of course, this camera is used in industrial applications, but they could also be for a camera.

Fujifilm Camera Rumors

Fujifilm has got very popular because of its X-series, and the GTX is also gaining popularity, but what could 2020 hold for the company?

  1. Fujifilm X100V
    No one can guess what Fujifilm will use to denote the successor to its X100F. Some people are saying that it will be X100V, but it could be the X100H. Maybe the company will bring a few changes in the new camera. Perhaps the camera will be made smaller than previous incarnations. 

  2. Fujifilm X-T200
    The Fujifilm X-T100 is the best little camera. It has an excellent viewfinder, solid build, and 3-way tilting screen. This camera’s APS-C format 24mp sensor does not have the x-trans CMOS design, but apart from this, it captures adorable images. The X-T100 announced in June 2018 it seems like there’s a replacement in the pipeline. This is also a popular camera rumor 2020.

  3. Fujifilm X-T4 or X-H2
    Fujifilm has introduced an x-pro 3 new sensor with its camera update a few days ago. However, x-t4 is in demand because of the x-t3 lacks features and lack in-body image stabilization (IBIS). The x-h1 has in-body image stabilization, so if the rumor is that the company wants to launch a high-end camera with stabilization.

Nikon Camera Rumors

Will we see APS-C format entry-level Nikon Z camera in 2020?

  1. Nikon Z9
    In the Z series of Nikon, the z7 is one of the best cameras. But now most of the people will expect a full-frame mirrorless camera. We believe a high-resolution Z9 camera will arrive with strong video specs compared to Z6 and Z7. It should have a 61mp sensor, 5.76 million dots, and 6k video recorder to live view. It would also require beefier processing power and better heat dissipation, among other things.

  2. New Nikon Z Series Lenses
    This is also the best camera rumor about Nikon. Nikon’s new z series camera system is more popular and is now firmly established. Among the z series, Nikon z6 riding at the number one position. Nikon has already launched lenses that cover most popular focal lengths like z50 mm F1.8 S, z 24-70mm f/2.8 s, and z 50mm f/1.8 s. The next new lens for 2020 should have a pro wide-angle zoom in the form of the z 14-24mm f/2.8 s.

  3. Nikon D6
    Nikon announced the D5 camera in 2016, and it is best for sports shooting. But recently we heard the best camera rumor that a new D6 model was under work. Maybe, it should have 20mp or perhaps increase marginally to 24mp. Other than this resolution, the new EXPEED image processor could bring many improvements. The D5 has 12fps with full AF and metering, so maybe in D6, it could be boosted, and we could see a performance bump to 13 or 14fbs.
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Sony Camera Rumors

  1. Sony A7 IV
    The rumor is Sony will be announcing a new camera at the CP+show, and that camera is Sony A7 IV camera. Maybe this camera will look the same as AV3. However, the AV3 camera is also trendy, but people want the new upgrade. The A7 IV should have a fully articulating touchscreen, and maybe Sony is boosting the camera’s size.

  2. Sony Alpha A7000
    No doubt, the Sony A6000 was a very successful model for Sony. But in this camera, the AF should be improved. The design of A7000 should be the same as alpha A9, but the sensor is a 24mp APS-C format. The A6500 has a 425 point phase-detect AF system; therefore, it is still a cracking performer.


This was the article all about camera rumor 2020, and it will be fascinating to see new changes and updates in the camera.

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