How to find the wifi password tips and tricks

Do you think it is now impossible (re) to find the wifi password of a network to which you are already connected from your pc? Don’t you remember the wifi password stored at the time on your computer? Do you want to know how to find it?

Recovering the wifi password, you are already connected to is a piece of cake! Just follow our updated guide! Let’s start?

Each operating system – Windows, Mac OS X, or Android or Apple devices – always stores the access data of wifi networks on the computer or laptop (once inserted for the first time).

This automation allows the user not to enter credentials every time he reconnects to his wifi network. Once within the range of the saved wifi network, the computer will connect directly to the PC.

Nice convenience; there is nothing to say, but what happens when you buy a new device to connect to the Wifi network? Or when for pleasure or need you have formatted or restored your iPhone or laptop, and you have to re-enter your credentials?

The passwords are always protected by the system and hidden from prying eyes. If you are a beginner with the PC, it is not easy to identify them if you had already entered and stored them.

To recover it, you will need to use a specific app or program or if you do not want to weigh down the computer with yet another tool, just follow our instructions to see the clear Wi-Fi passwords saved on Windows 7, 8, 10 or your PC or Apple Mac laptop.


Connecting, entering, or connecting to the neighbours’ or other users’ wifi network is a serious crime! We therefore strongly advise you not to find or connect to password-protected wifi networks other than those of your home or friends and relatives who have given you access.

How to Find the Wifi Password from Modem or Router (Dlink – Asus – Netgear – TPLink)

The best way to recover the forgotten wifi password is to intervene directly on the modem or router at home.

However, we would like to point out that this method requires some small computer skills but don’t be afraid. Follow our guide carefully; it will take a few minutes and steps!

Acting directly from the configuration panel of the wireless router will allow you to change and customize the name (SSID) of the network or better yet change the password itself.

If you are fed up with the bad factory name given by your modem to your internet network well, the time has come to change it! But be careful.

If you decide to proceed in this way, remember that you will also have to save the new credentials on all the other devices in the house, including the television, Sky decoder or Mediaset Premium, etc. (it remains an operation for a few seconds!)

More importantly, changing your wifi password is extremely useful if it is weak (short) or easily attackable.

In this regard, we strongly advise you to change it often using “robust” wifi passwords consisting of at least ten characters, a capital letter, a number and a special character (*?! “)

The procedure is to be considered valid both for the devices purchased and for all the modems or routers supplied by your telephone operator when signing the contract.

However, Thanks to this guide, it will be possible to recover your wifi password saved on Telecom Alice modem (gate two-plus or other models), Vodafone Station, Fastweb, Linkem, and many others.

Let’s begin!

How to Enter the Router or Modem

To find the wifi password directly from your home modem or router, simply access the administration panel of the Wi-Fi router. Regardless of the model or brand, follow our guidelines:

  • make sure you’re connected to the network
  • open the internet browser you usually use (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari)
  • Type in the address bar the URL or if you can’t enter try with
  • Enter your credentials (username and password) (if you don’t remember them read below)
  • Find the menu item or section relating to Wifi, where you will discover your password in the clear.
  • Write it down on a sheet, post it or directly under your modem or take advantage to change it!

How to recover the forgotten password (and username) of the router or modem

Have you forgotten or don’t remember the username or password of your modem or router? Don’t despair!

If you had not changed them previously (in this case, unfortunately, to recover them, you will have to reset your modem to factory settings), you would have to use the default ones.

Don’t you remember them? They are usually written on the sticker that you find under the device, but if not, we have the solution for you!

On this page are listed the addresses, user names, and default password of all modems in the divided circulation models! Use the drop-down menu located just below the top of the page and select the brand of your router. A very precious resource!

How to Find Wifi Password on Windows (7, 8, 10)

The second method – much simpler – allows you to recover the Wifi password you don’t remember saved on your Windows computer.

We are obviously talking about a network to which you have already connected previously (and not that of the neighbour!!). Let’s start!

Windows 7

  • Click on the network icon (the famous wifi signal sticks) located at the bottom right next to the system clock. You will see a series of wifi networks available.
  • select with the right mouse button the name of your connection (highlighted in bold and with the wording connected to the side) and select the Properties item from the menu that appears
  • select the Security tab
  • always tick the Show characters box with a click
  • In the Network security key field, you will now see the forgotten wifi password in plain text!

Windows 8 – 10

  • right-click on the network icon (this time it is the famous wifi umbrella) located at the bottom right next to the system clock
  • always with the mouse select and click the menu item Open network and sharing centre
  • with the right mouse button select the name of your connection and click on Wireless Properties
  • select the Security tab
  • always tick the Show characters box with a click
  • In the Network security key field, you will now see the forgotten wifi password in plain text!

Do you find the steps too complicated?

We suggest you then an excellent and simple program – specific for Windows PC – to find the Wifi password. We are talking about NirSoft ‘s WirelessKeyView.

A small utility that does not require installation. Download it, unpack the archive and start the program. In front of you, you will see the list of all wifi networks saved on your pc and their passwords!

NB: Some antiviruses may report this program as a suspected virus! DO NOT FEAR. This is clearly a false positive.

The program is completely virus or malware free and works great on all versions of Windows. Then add it in case of the exceptions of the antivirus installed on your system.

How to Find Wifi Password on Mac

We are very many to use an Apple Mac computer or laptop (Macbook, iMac, or Macbook Pro). And also for all of you, we have a simple solution!

No special program or app is required to view the WiFi password. Just follow these simple steps:

recover password apple wifi mac

  • start the Keychain Access application which can be called from Finder – Applications – Utility or from the Other folder in the Launchpad or simply by writing its name from the search at the top right of the screen
  • enter the system password if required and from the screen in front of you, select on the left at the top the item System and the item Password always on the left but at the bottom
  • now you just have to find on the right the network you don’t remember the wifi password for and double click on it
  • tick with the left mouse button the box at the bottom Show the password
  • enter the system password (in macOS Sierra and High Sierra you will also be asked to re-enter the name and password of the user in use)
  • In the Show password field, you will now see the forgotten wifi password in plain text!

Do you have friends or relatives at dinner who stress you out until you give them the wifi password to connect?

A precious resource to always keep with you ( add it to your favourites or share it immediately on your favourite social networks) in case you have changed or purchased a new device to connect to the network whose password you don’t remember.

Google Chrome Says Goodbye to Silverlight

Some Days ago, Google Chrome updated to version 42. If, for many, the update went unnoticed (not having changed much from the graphical and code side) for others, however, this update has generated many problems !.

You have surely noticed that, at the moment, using the Chrome browser, it is not possible to view some videos. Specifically, all those who use Microsoft Silverlight

technology There are few

solutions to remedy at the moment. And unfortunately, barring new surprises, these workarounds will stop working forever (September 2015). September will mark the day when the protocol will disappear permanently.

He reason is simple and not too hidden: Google Chrome (from version 42.0.2311.90 to be precise) has stopped officially supporting the Silverlight plugin. Or rather, Chrome has decided to disable the NPAPI plugin ( Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface ) So, from now on, any video that uses this technology will not be visible despite the browser itself still suggesting the user through a banner of having to install the plugin to make it work. Reinstalling it again will not solve the issue.

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Websites no longer functional

Here, still many sites, important entertainment portals continue to use Silverlight for the encoding of their videos. Among those most affected, we have Sky Go, Infinity, Mediaset Premium, and Mediaset Video.

Those who have updated their version of Chrome, unfortunately, will no longer be able to view any videos.

Once in the menu, click on “Enable” and then restart Chrome Done. From now on, you can again view all your favourite videos with Chrome from the major portals such as Mediaset Premium, Infinity, and Mediaset Video.

The Ultimate Solution

If, on the other hand, you do not want to “tweak” and are looking for an equally fast but stable and lasting solution, I propose two ways:

  • If you really don’t want to use Google Chrome as a browser to surf the Internet, then delete the current version on your computer and download any old version (previous to 42) from this portal.
  • Leave Chrome for another program to surf the web just as valid, but above all, that still and without problems supports all types of videos and plugins. I can only advise you in this case to use Mozilla Firefox. (but you can also evaluate Safari or Opera).

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