Streaming Music The best services compared (2020)

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Better Spotify or Apple Music ? Better Amazon Music Unlimited or Spotify? Google Play Music or Apple Music ? Streaming Music The best services compared (2020). What is the best  free and paid (high quality) streaming music service in 2020 ?


In our special today you will find the answer to all but really all your questions so you can finally choose and adopt – according to your needs and preferences – the best streaming music site as well as the best service to listen to high quality music for free (2020) thanks to a detailed and updated overview.


They will be presented one by one and compared by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. But first, if you have the pleasure, a little history. We update our guide whenever there is news and you will be the first to know! So remember to bookmark our guide!


Listening to music. How Everything Has Changed (1980 – 2020)

For decades, listening to music took place only through the use (and purchase) of CDs (Compact Disc Digital Audio). Ancient audio media that today only great enthusiasts and collectors still buy in stores dedicated to them now endangered (unfortunately).


Then we come to the year 1994. A historic year for music. 1994 marked a revolution that no one will forget. Where everything has changed and will change forever. Let’s talk about the birth and universal adoption of the world’s best known digital media format : MP3 (an acronym for Moving Picture Expert Group-1/2 Audio Layer 3, also known as MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III). Streaming Music The best services compared (2020).

A music format , the mp3, which has permanently shaken the music market as we all remembered it but which has also given rise to the spread of a dangerous phenomenon: that of musical piracy that has not yet stopped .


Accomplice faster and faster internet connections and the continuous birth of increasingly powerful and sophisticated p2p (peer to peer) programs for the unlimited distribution and sharing of any digital media (music, books, programs …)


But we finally come to the present day. Another date to remember. Another year that will go down in history for all of us , young and old.


We are in 2008. It is thanks to a small Swedish startup that Spotify was born , the first and revolutionary music service that offers unlimited streaming of music belonging to the largest and most famous record companies as well as the most popular independent labels. To date it has more than 50,000,000 songs available and 200 million active users every month ( April 2019 ).


An idea apparently as simple as it is ingenious. Offer anyone who wants all the music available in the world, when and where you want, streaming for free without further complications (illegal downloads, torrents or the financial outlay for the purchase of the CD).


A new revolution has begun. The era of online streaming is just beginning and we can no longer do without it. Television, TV series, films, audio books, music. Everything is made available in streaming. Everything is now transmitted thanks to the new platforms .


The most famous and used online music streaming services

Today we want to focus our attention on the best and most famous sites to listen to music online for free,  sifting through their strengths, their shortcomings, their costs (where provided) as well as the services they offer and to whom they are addressed. Streaming Music The best services compared (2020).


But first, a useful overview of the points that we find common to all the most popular services. Costs, services and identical modalities for all that we summarize below:


  • as regards paid subscriptions (Premium) , the cost to be incurred (monthly) is the same for all the most famous streaming music service sites and is equal to € 9.99 / month.
  • But be very careful: during the year, exclusive offers or high discounts on plans are often and willingly offered, which you will not have to miss if you want to save a lot of money. We will update the guide as soon as we find one. So remember to save our guide in your favorites to not miss any!
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  • to operate, all services require an application or program to be installed in advance on their desktop or laptop computer, Apple or Android smartphone or tablet
  • to take advantage of their services, you will need to create (if you do not yet have one) an account consisting of a username (your email) and a password
  • the renewal of the premium subscription always takes place automatically so watch out. It is useful in these cases to insert a reminder in the calendar or to deactivate the automatic renewal immediately after subscribing to the subscription. Quiet, even if you immediately deactivate the service, you can take advantage of the full period in a premium version until its natural expiry.

But now let’s start with the real comparison of the best and most famous music streaming services on the market. Are you ready? Let’s start!


Amazon Music Unlimited: the New (Powerful) Rival

The latest addition to music streaming services has already become a real mass phenomenon. After all… a name a guarantee: Amazon !


We are talking about Amazon Music Unlimited that continues to amaze us every day more thanks to the quality of the music but above all for the continuous super offers that Amazon offers to new customers where the savings are truly remarkable. Amazon  never ceases to amaze its customers .


Spotify: streaming music for everyone. Free or in Premium Version

We repeat Spotify , he was the first and the pioneer of streaming music services and it didn’t take long to become the most famous and the most popular in the world. Perhaps thanks to the genius of the service that did not exist before, its simplicity of use or its continuous offers.


But let’s see now the characteristics.


A bit like all other streaming music services, the first step is to download the dedicated app to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Then download Spotify  (menu item at the top right Download ) and begin to familiarize yourself with all its splendid functions.


There are two versions: Spotify in free version (Free) and a Premium version of Spotify . In the paid version, all functions (maximum quality audio, unlimited skip, song selection, no commercial interruption) will always be available and unlimited. The differences in the free version of Spotify are:


  • presence and mandatory listening of advertising
  • in the mobile version, playback will only take place in random mode (it is therefore not possible to choose the single song to listen to
  • it will be possible to jump (skip) then move to the next song only 6 times in an hour (if you use the Spotify program on a fixed or portable PC you can instead select the single song as many times as you want)


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Apple Music: Spotify’s First Big Rival

Apple . What else to add about this global giant that you don’t already know?  Streaming Music The best services compared (2020). If we go digging, in truth there is something or better there was. Apple missed a real music streaming service that could compete against Spotify or similar, but in 2015 everything changed.


In mid-2015 the Apple Music streaming service is presented . It was made available and accessible in around 100 countries around the world on June 30th 2015. And it is immediately revolution.


Unlike Spotify , Apple Music does not provide a free version but can only be used for a fee ( € 9.99 per month ).

However, if you are a new member or have never used it, you can try it completely free for 3 months once the service is activated.


o check if you are among the lucky winners of an additional 3 months of Apple Music for free, all you have to do is open the Music app from your iPhone or iPad and check for a screen that reads “ Did we miss you? Here is 3 months free just for you . ”


But let’s analyze now the  audio quality of the music of the Apple Music streaming service .


The latter is lower (but it is only a Placebo effect) than that of Spotify and is equal to 256 kbps . But to be different is also the compression system used to ensure a perfect balance between quality and weight (expressed in megabytes) of the piece of music. Apple Music uses the proprietary AAC (Advance Audio Coding) format while Spotify uses the Ogg Vorbis compression format .

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However, we want to tell you that sincerely, unless you are an audiophile or really expert in music, the differences are really imperceptible so it is not really worth the effort to sacrifice one service for another going to judge only this parameter.


Google Play Music: the Valid Alternative for Android Lovers

The Google Music streaming music service is – unlike all the others. Obviously recommended for all users and lovers of Google services and its store. But specifically for all Android users who wish to integrate a dedicated service to them. Streaming Music The best services compared (2020). Vast and powerful music streaming service .


Here too we find similar if not identical characteristics to the services already described above.


It must be used exclusively through the Google Play app (a bit like Apple Music through its proprietary app Music). There is a 30-day free trial period. A monthly cost for the premium version also equal to € 9.99 and boasts tons of powerful features summarized below

Regarding the audio quality of the music of Google Play Music, it reaches 320 kpbs (as for Spotify) therefore a clean, powerful and well-defined sound.

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How to Cancel – Cancel your Subscription to Subscribed Streaming Music Services

Have you decided to subscribe to a premium plan and then pay to listen to all the music. You want in high definition but now you want to cancel the subscription? Nothing could be easier if you follow our tips carefully.


Below, you will find the complete information and all the necessary instructions to be able to permanently cancel your subscription subscribed with the best known streaming music services in high quality.


The advice we give you is to always remember to cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the renewal date otherwise the subscription may automatically renew.


How to Cancel – Cancel – Deactivate Spotify Premium Membership

  • Log in to the main Spotify portal page and enter your profile
  • Scroll about halfway down the page and click on the big Change Plan button
  • Scroll down to find Spotify Free and click on Cancel Premium Membership
  • Continue to the confirmation message

How to Cancel – Cancel – Deactivate Apple Music Subscription

  • In order to cancel your subscription to the Apple Music streaming music service. You must always log in using your credentials (Apple ID). By choosing to do it on one of your Apple devices (you can cancel or modify your Apple Music subscription wherever you want)
  • If you are on iPhone or iPad, cancel your subscription through the page dedicated to your subscriptions
  • If you are on Mac or PC, cancel your subscription through iTunes always from the page of your subscriptions
  • For more information or for a detailed guide, consult the Apple official service page


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How to Cancel – Cancel – Deactivate Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription

  • Log in on the main page of the Amazon portal
  • Search for the Amazon Music Unlimited service or simply go to the Amazon Music Unlimited service main page
  • Click on the Cancel subscription option under the  Subscription renewal option
  • Then choose to follow the item Cancel my Subscription and on Cancel my subscription to complete the deactivation

How to Cancel – Cancel – Deactivate Google Play Music subscription

  • Log in with your Google credentials on the main page of the Google Play Store (from the Android smartphone open the Google Play Store app instead and from the Menu tap on Subscriptions)
  • On the left, click on the menu item My subscriptions
  • Select your subscription to the Google Play Music paid streaming music service you want to cancel
  • Click on Manage and finally on Cancel subscription



We have come to the end of this detailed comparison between the best and most famous giants of online music streaming .


As we have seen, real savings will only be obtained in the presence of a special offer (which we will not fail to suggest to you). All other features are quite similar to each other. Identical monthly subscription costs, almost identical quality of music, Family subscription that can be subscribed for everyone and so on.


Which one did you decide to use? How are you finding us? Which would you recommend to your friends? Write it in the comments and don’t forget to share our special on social media.


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