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On the question of which of the Minecraft mods can be worthy of the title of the best, more than one generation of British scientists has broken their spears. From the very first open release of the game, more and more modifications appear, and there is no number for them, so the task is not an easy one. Here we know about the best mods for Minecraft.

Minecraft is a unique game. It exists only so that you can build yourself a powerful flying fortress or a colossal robot that touches the top of angular clouds. Or realize any other of hundreds of thousands of ideas of varying degrees of insanity. And whole mountains of mods written by hardworking fans of the game will help you with this.

In our article, you will find some (but, of course, not all) of the best modifications of Minecraft. For convenience, we have divided it into sections by functionality, from cosmetic changes to profound and thoughtful, thanks to which you will rediscover this wonderful world of creativity.

What do mods do with the game

Minecraft is constantly receiving updates and is supported by developers. Also, the game is also supported by modders who create interesting additions: interface updates, new skins, thematic package additions—Mod – a downloadable file that can be added to the game, changing some of its aspects. There are various mods both in the application and in the complexity of installation. If you are looking for something that is easy to install and use without problems, we recommend that you pay attention to mod packs. These are mod packages that are easily added to the game, will not contradict each other, and cause conflicts and malfunctions.

Minecraft is gradually moving to a simplified modification system, and now you can switch versions of the game on the go. Please note that mods can affect each other’s work, so keep track of which mods you install and when. This will allow you to quickly figure out in cases where the game stops working or starts to crash. Mods on Minecraft are unofficial add-ons, so they carry risks. Check the source from where you download the mod because it can be infected with a virus, which will lead to the “fall” of the game. Pay attention to the modders community, as well as download mods that have reviews from at least a few players.

The PC version of Minecraft has a vast number of mods. But the same cannot be said for console versions. There are DLC packs that you can buy to diversify the game a bit, so PC is the only home for mods.

How to install mods?

Each of these mods has its own installation instructions, which we strongly recommend following. Most likely, you will have to downgrade your game – in most cases, and version 1.7.10 is suitable. To simplify the process, use the MultiMC or Minecraft Forge utilities to help organize the mods.

Step-by-step instructions for installing mods on Minecraft using the example of Minecraft Forge:

  • Download Minecraft Forge. This is a free utility that allows you to install and manage mods on Minecraft;
  • Back up the game and save. This will save time downloading the new version of the game, as well as keep the save files from loss and damage;
  • Follow the proven website with mods for the game and download the necessary ones;
  • Press Windows + R to run the “run” utility, type% AppData% and press Enter;
  • Expand the Roaming folder and find the Minecraft folder. There will be a folder with mods .;
  • Copy and paste the files with the mods that you downloaded. Minecraft Forge will automatically add them when the game loads;
  • If this is a set, then you need to go to the options and activate it;
  • It is necessary to check which version is suitable for the mod and change the performance accordingly. To do this, in the settings menu, find the item “use version” in Minecraft Launcher.
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Suppose you are not tempted by the need to wander among the many folders in the explorer, download packs of mods that are already ready, as they say, for use. We recommend either Direwolf20 or Tekkit. Another option is to create your own set of mods using Curse Voice. And do not hesitate to call Google for help if you encounter any problems. He knows a lot.

Interface Modifications

After installing many different mods, you realize that the default Minecraft interface is unable to cope with your increased needs. However, there is a solution to this.

optimize and fast craft

Is there a beast car under your table? Minecraft will look much better with Optifine, which adds support for HD textures and additional graphics settings. Or, if you play on a calculator, Fastcraft will come in handy, significantly improving the performance of the game on low-end computers. Especially if you already have tons of mods installed.

Hyper HD Realism

You just need to look at the screenshot to understand what is unique in this mod from the user skidded. Hyper HD Realism is a set of textures that extends the visual range of the game. Lighting and reflections are radically changed for the better—a must for anyone who wants to see the game in the best light.


Usually, people prefer to know where they are going and where they are right now. The Journey map mod will help with this, providing you with a map on which, as you study, the world around you appears. You can put your own marks on it and, you won’t believe it; the card will even warn you if some crazy monster tries to sneak up and bite off a piece of gamer’s flesh! You can view it in full-screen modes, like a minimap or, if you like, a web version in a browser.


Does continually switching between a game and a wiki cause pain? Pay attention to Not Enough Items, which collects all your recipes (including those added by other mods) and displays it in a neat window on demand.


The name of this mod stands for “What Am I Looking At” (or “What am I looking at”), and it becomes merely irreplaceable when the number of installed modifications exceeds … Yes, it is always irreplaceable. Hover over the block, and a tooltip will tell you what it is and which mod it belongs to. And he is able to determine the filling of the tank with water or the battery charge. For its work, the above-mentioned Not Enough Items mod will be required.


Very soon after installing it, you realize that you cannot live without Inventory Tweaks. Worn out tools in your toolbar are automatically replaced, stacks of blocks are replenished, and a click with the middle mouse button will sort your inventory and chest. Not to mention the fact that the mod’s customization possibilities are truly endless.

Cooking for Blockheads

Cooking in Minecraft can be very entertaining, but if you are missing a few ingredients, cooking can be annoying. This mod simplifies the cooking process by selecting recipes that depend on the elements available. This is a great alternative (or better to say an improved version) of Pam’s Harvestcraft and reveals all the delights of cooking in the game.

Chisel and bits

Minimalism and simplicity can be charming in Minecraft, but over time can be very annoying. Chisel and Bits Mod allows you to add more detail to blocks due to the embossing effect on some materials. You can copy embossing patterns and save them. You can see the changes in fact in the screenshot.


For many people, the essence of Minecraft is creativity itself, and the mods in this section will become their weapons in the fight against the boundaries of the possible.


By the will of developers in Minecraft, there is only one cobblestone texture. They became the will of modders 24. In fact, Chisel 2 adds alternative textures to the significant number of blocks existing in the game (including those contained in other mods), allowing you to create the most daring patterns and interiors.


Cuba is, of course, very cold, but what if you desperately need a ramp? Carpenter’s Blocks comes to the rescue with its slopes, double beds, buttons, doors, flower pots, torches, and much more. The important thing is that you can give all of this the appearance of any material. Were you ever dreamed of a staircase made of hellish stone? Nothing is easier!

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So, you created the world, built a house, and decided to furnish it, but … nothing. Decocraft in your hands! It has everything you need: chairs, tables, bowls, bottles, lamps, toys, beer kegs, and even a kitchen sink! To study the full list of its features will take a lot of time.


In addition to an aesthetically pleasing appearance, many Bibliocraft blocks also play a role. For example, shelves and display cases will help you organize an exhibition of your trophies, and a printing press will allow you copy a book. Well, a gentleman is generally contraindicated to leave the house without a monocle.


What Minecraft lacked was … ahem … manure. And this modest mod proudly carries the flag of innovation, not only adding to the game the ability for your pigs to postpone heaps coming out of steam, but also allowing you to use this vital product in the form of, for example, fertilizers for your crop. Or, if you want, you can burn the manure in the oven and make bricks, which will make a lovely house. Most importantly, do not stain white wool with this.


Bacteria (and viruses) are an ever-popular topic that has reached Minecraft. Bacteria will allow you to play with a decent assortment of bacteria, each of which performs a specific function, destructive or creative. But be extremely careful at the same time, because the results of your experiments, getting out of control, can fill the world faster than you say: “Center for Disease Control and Prevention.”

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What could be better than a grappling hook? Nothing! And Hooked just adds it to Minecraft, which allows you to quickly move around in the style of Spider-Man. This is a small mod, but it will significantly change the gameplay. Especially for those who hate endlessly climbing rocks by jumping.


Add variety to your diet with this incredible mod, with more than 1,100 (!) New dishes and items. Sixty sowing plants, 17 species of fish, tofu for vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as 36 fruit trees. With Pam’s Harvestcraft, you can even cook up your own diet and follow it. By the way, this mod will sparkle with new colors in the company with Hunger Overhaul and The Spice of Life.

Research modifications

There are people who are more fond of the nomadic life of a researcher, rather than a quiet one – a builder. These mods will add variety to the generation of worlds or give you essential tools for researching them. How was it in the classics? To infinity and beyond!


Let’s start with the bigger one. Biomes O’Plenty adds as many as 80 new biomes and 12 sub-biomes to the game, from the Alps to the lifeless wastelands. And that’s not all – some new tools, armor, food, colors, and new building blocks are included.


This mod works in a similar way to the one above; it only introduces a variety of new mobs (25) and makes the biomes a little more realistic in appearance. Gone are the days when only squids inhabited the seas, and only proud hens plowed the expanses of the savannah. By the mere wave of your hand, giraffes, narwhals, gulls, elephants, and even dinosaurs will inhabit the world.


A great mod for those who always put off exploring the Lower World for the reason that it … is slightly demonic and generally some kind of hellish. CandyCraft will give you the opportunity to go to a new, “gingerbread” dimension. Sugar animals, marmalade tools, and honeycomb armor – what could be more excellent and more peaceful? Hansel and Gretel will strangle themselves with envy.


If you want to add variety to the animal kingdom of Minecraft, then you should see the Animania mod. This mod adds the ability of animals to reproduce, the different sexes of individuals, the behavior of various animals, as well as several new species of animals. You need to feed them regularly so that they are happy, so they will provide resources. Animals have their favorite food, as well as character traits, which add a particular highlight to the game.

How to make a Minecraft mod

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