How to play Minecraft with friends on PC

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Minecraft is one of the most exciting games in modern gameday. Due to its low system requirements and a huge fan base, content in the popular pixel universe has grown to an unprecedented scale. On the network, you can easily find hundreds of mini-games, mods, plug-ins, and other entertainments that bring something new and unique to the gameplay—this article, you can know how to play Minecraft with friends on PC.

Of course, the best of the available classes in Minecraft is designed for several players. Therefore, you should call friends with you. But before you plunge into the world of unrestrained fun, you should decide how and where you can play on the network. We will tell you about all the available methods, and you will already choose the most suitable for yourself.

How to play Minecraft on a local network

This method is suitable only for players who are physically located next to each other, for example, in one or in neighboring apartments. A local network implies several computers connected by a LAN cable or Wi-Fi. So if your teammate is far from you – go to the next method. A huge plus in the game on the local network is that you can do without an Internet connection.

IP address setting

First, you need to configure a static IP address so that with each new connection to the server do not drive in new numbers:

  • Right-click on the “Network Connections” icon in the lower right corner of the system tray (it looks like a monitor, and next to it is a network cable), and select “Open Network and Internet Settings.”
  • Go to the “Configuring adapter settings” section.
  • Select an active connection, right-click on it and go to “Properties. “
  • Double-click on the “IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4) “section.
  • We turn off the automatic obtaining of an IP address and set all parameters manually: IP address: 192.168.0.N (where N is any number from 1 to 255), subnet mask: 255.255.255.
  • The same should be done for all other computers that are connected to the local network. However, the IP addresses should not be the same; the last digit should be changed. The subnet mask must be the same everywhere.

Server creation

In the absence of the Internet, there are only two ways to do this: create a dedicated server or use a direct connection to the player. In the first case, the game world will additionally use the resources of your computer, but other players will be able to connect to it at any time, regardless of whether you are in the game at this time. The primary condition is that the server itself is started.  In the second case, PC resources will not be spent on the server, but the joint game will be available only when the host is playing. We talked about server creation options in more detail in a separate publication.

When creating a dedicated server, additional configuration is required. Various types of servers can be downloaded from the network, but they all have a similar design. Therefore, this instruction is universal. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the root folder of the server and open the file “server. Properties “using notepad.
  • Find the line “server-IP = N,” and instead of the letter N, enter the IP address similar to your current IP address. The last digits should also vary.
  • Then find the line “server-port = N,” and instead of the letter N, enter a five-digit number (by default, it is set to 25565 and may change each time depending on the type of downloaded server).
  • Now you can start the server using the start.bat file. The first launch usually takes a very long time.


If you created the server through the game client, then no additional configuration is required. Only the connection method will differ. In any case, follow the instructions below:

  • Launch the game and go to the “Network game” section.
  • If you created the world using the in-game client, then click “direct connect. “In the field that appears, enter the IP address of the host that you set a little earlier in the adapter settings. A colon after the server address indicates the server port. It is written in a chat on the host computer immediately after starting the world. Everything should look like this:► 5555
  • If a dedicated server was launched, click on the “Add” button and also enter the address and port of the server that you specified in the settings of the file “ “.
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If everything is done correctly, then either the server will be logged in, or it will be added to the general list of all servers. Now you know how to play Minecraft with a friend on the local network. It is worth noting that this method is the most difficult of all. So, if you failed and have access to the Internet, you can try the rest of the ways.

How to play Minecraft on the net: Hamachi

For the second method, we need special software designed to build a VPN and create our own secure network of computers connected via the Internet. First, you need to download software from the official site. It is fully translated into the USA and is free. To work with the utility, registration is required.

Program setting

Follow these steps:

  • After starting the program in the main window, click on “Create a new network.”
  • In the field that appears, enter the network identifier, which is simply the name by which the network can be found. Also, fill in the password field.
  • At the top of the window is the IP address assigned to your computer. It is given once; This is a constant and unique set of numbers. It needs to be written down or remembered. It will be required for further connection.

After that, you can connect. Your friend needs to select “Connect to an existing network” in the main menu and enter the identifier with the password that you set. A connection should occur. You can check it if you right-click on any computer on the network and select “Check availability.” The console will open, and there will be an exchange of packages with the selected client. Ping will also be indicated. After that, you can go into the game.

Server connection

It is carried out according to the same scheme indicated in the previous paragraph. You will also need to create either a dedicated server or an in-game server. The real difference is that you will need to enter the IP address that was assigned to you in the Hamachi program (provided that you are connecting directly). When trying to connect to a dedicated server, you must specify the IP address of the server assigned to it in the “server—properties” file settings.

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How to play Minecraft online: various servers

The easiest way is to find a suitable server on the Internet. We recommend using the services of official developers. They built a service called “Realms” into the game. And although it’s paid (the service is distributed by subscription and costs 4 $ per month for the possibility of a three-player game and 6$ for ten friends), this method has several significant advantages. For example, you will receive official technical support that will help with any question. Also, the client will automatically update to the most current version. You will also get built-in protection and cloud saving. In addition, official servers work stably and without dumps.

If, for all of the above bonuses, you are not ready to pay 4 $, then it remains to look for pirated servers. But we do not recommend doing this, as you are guaranteed to encounter low server stability, annoying advertising, and additional paid services. If this does not scare you, then you just have to choose a server, register on the site, and download a unique launcher.

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Common mistakes

  • When you try to connect to the server, the following inscriptions appear: “Invalid session” and “Verify username “.
  • Solution: you need to run the game through a unique launcher, which is provided by the server developers. You can usually download it for free on their website.
  • When you try to connect to the server, it displays: ” $ AnnotatedConnectException: Connection time out: no further information “
  • Solution: the network was misconfigured, or the server is currently not available / does not exist. Also, sometimes the cause may be an antivirus program or a firewall. Try disabling them.
  • Immediately after entering the server, the connection breaks.
  • In rare cases, the VPN program becomes the culprit.
  • When you try to connect to the server, it appears: “1.14.2: Bad packet ID 26; 1.13.2: Bad packet ID 27; 1.7.10: “or a constant connection occurs.
  • Solution: in the game, there is a restriction related to the nickname length. It must be shorter than 16 characters.

How to set up your own server to play with friends

Having fun on Minecraft is extremely simple, especially if you choose to take on the title in multiplayer mode. In this case, it is possible to decide whether to enter one of the many public servers already available – the complete list is available on sites such as Minecraft – or whether to create your own personalized server. The latter option may seem to be the least convenient since it is necessary to take into account the configuration work and the payment of a monthly fee for the rental of a server capable of guaranteeing adequate performance; however, it can be a winning choice in several scenarios.

For example, a parent may feel much more heartened to know that their son/daughter is playing with his or her friends in a controlled environment. Away from many of the threats. He may expose to a public domain. Or again, a group of experienced players may prefer to have total control over the game environment, going to personally modify variables such as difficulty, the maximum number of players ( always taking into account the performance of the rented server, on Minecraft Wiki, you find one mirror of the recommended specifications ) and establish ban and whitelist to better filter the access of unwanted or incorrect users.


In short, the advantages of managing a private server are numerous, and the choice to rent it through an external service – such as those offered by the provider 1 & 1 – provides the possibility of not having to worry about having to dedicate part of the resources of your machine, to cut down the energy costs and to have the server always operational and available to all users. We remind you that you can configure your server on both Windows and macOS and Linux based on your needs.

1 & 1 offers us a simple guide on how to configure a Minecraft server, dedicated to the Windows version – undoubtedly the most popular – while if you want more details about the procedure on macOS (starting from 10.4 and later) and Linux, we refer you to the dedicated page available always on the Minecraft Wiki.

The multiplayer modes of Minecraft: Server and Split Screen

Playing with two or more friends in Minecraft is possible and. By far, it is the mode that most passionate the youngest gamers who want to challenge their companions in breathtaking adventures. Minecraft’s multiplayer modes are different and change depending on the game device. So if you play Minecraft from Personal Computer or console, you can use other methods that are online or locally.

To play Minecraft with a PC or Mac for two, Just connect to one of the various available game servers found on the net. The servers must be located directly online. There are many sites that offer lists of public servers. Among the most famous, there is From here, just copy the address of the chosen server in the Multiplayer section of the game.

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