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You have found a Twitch channel that you particularly appreciate and would like to help it grow. By reading some online guides, you discovered that you could host it, that is, host it on your profile while you are not online, but you have not been able to understand how to do this, so you would like help from me. Did, I guess? Well, then no problem: if you spend five minutes of your free time, I can explain to you how to host on Twitch in an extremely easy and fast way. This article you can know about how to stream with my squad on twitch.

As a final result, you will be able to host that show you like so much on your Twitch channel, and your viewers will therefore always have something to see. If you are wondering, I will also explain how to activate the auto Host, i.e. the Twitch function that allows you to program the automatic execution of hosting a channel on your profile.

Courage: What are you waiting there impaled? Do you want to learn to host on Twitch or not? Yup? Perfect, then read and practice the short instructions below. I assure you that, in no time, you will have reached your goal and your viewers will be able to enjoy the broadcast you have decided to host on your channel. There is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun! This article you can know about how to stream with my squad on twitch.

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to host on Twitch, I think it is of fundamental importance to explain to you what it means to host and what advantages this action can entail.

Well, when a user runs a host. The space dedicated to the direction of his channel is used to transmit the live streaming of another person. This means that viewers who follow your channel will be able to access the transmission of another streamer and therefore always have something to watch even when you are not online.

This feature is often used by streamers to move their users to another channel. Perhaps that of a friend, who could then return the favour and then turn the audience in turn. It is therefore evident that it is a system that makes both sides emerge in a winning way: a sort of “collaboration” that makes everyone earn. After reading this article, you can know about how to stream with my squad on twitch.

However, Twitch allows everyone to host a channel, and therefore some “clever” users use this method to make their name appear in the life of other more famous streamers if the latter have configured the appropriate message. Despite this, we are talking about a somewhat “annoying” method of advertising, which could also attract the ire of the involved streamer.

My advice, therefore, is to use the host only if you already have a large audience and want to make it land on other life that you think maybe interesting.

How to Stream with my Squad on Twitch

Twitch launches the Squad Stream function.

The Twitch streaming platform launched what they called Squad Stream, a feature that permits up to four creatives to stream during a single window to make cooperative content, break away existing systems like hosting and raids.

You can participate with other streamers from the dashboard, and it also offers viewers more shooting angles on the action, very useful in a battle royale, for instance. It also allows communities to hitch forces in one place and to celebrate the launch of this program, the link above provides details on different streams to four people within the coming weeks. This article you can know about how to stream with my squad on twitch.

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This feature is going to be available for the primary time for partners, who can start Squad Stream as of now. As for viewers, they will select to look at Squad Stream content from the channel page.

How to host from Twitch for PC

The most common method of hosting on Twitch is to use the official Twitch website or application for computers.

To proceed, connected to the official Twitch website from a browser and press on the Login item at the top right or start the Twitch client for computers. After that, enter the email address and password associated with your account and click on Login. At this point, press on your profile icon in the upper right corner and select the Channel item from the menu that opens.

Now, write in the chat the command/host followed by the name of the channel you want to host (e.g. / host PincoPluto) and select the purple Chat button. Your life is still active. You can be asked to select between Host and Raid. You are clicking on the appropriate items.

A raid automatically switches those who are watching your life to that of the channel you have chosen, without the live streaming being hosted on your channel. Your spectators will have a few seconds to press on the appropriate writing and join the raid.

I think it is important to explain to you that, during the hosting activity. The viewers will remain in the chat of your channel (even if they see another live one). While with the raid they will simply be transported to another channel. Just as if they had decided to change transmission. The hosting limit that can be done in one hour is set at three.

To stop hosting, simply type/un host and select the Chat item in the same chat where you wrote the previous message. In the case of the raid, you will not have to do anything, as your channel will not be hosting any live broadcasts.

How to host from Twitch for smartphones and tablets

Twitch also allows you to host through the native functionality implemented in the official application for smartphones and tablets.

If you have not yet installed the Twitch application on your device, start the Play Store (if you have an Android device) or the App Store (if you have an iPhone or iPad), search for ” twitch ” and press on the app icon (a white speech bubble on a purple background) from the search results. At this point, tap on the Install / Get item and, if you are on iOS, verify your identity using Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password.

Once the application has started, enter your account’s email address and password and press on the Login item. After that, start the live broadcast you want to host on your channel, press the arrow icon to the right (Android) or the arrow icon to the top (iOS) and select the Host channel item. To stop hosting, just press on the item Stop hosting channel. This article you can know about how to stream with my squad on twitch.

Another method you have at your disposal is to write the appropriate command in chat. To do this, press on your account icon in the upper right corner and select the Chat item. After that, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the chapter on how to host from Twitch for PC (the procedure is the same). For more details, I also recommend that you consult the official Twitch guidelines.

How to activate Twitch Auto-Host

Many streamers clearly don’t have the time to manually set the broadcast to host on their channel by hand, so they take advantage of the Twitch functionality that allows you to do this automatically.

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To activate the Twitch Auto-Host, all you have to do is connect to the official Twitch website, press on the Login item located at the top right, enter the email address and password associated with your account and select the Login item again. Press the icon of your channel. Which you find at the top right, and select the item Dashboard author.

Then, go to the Raid and host tab on the right, press on the gear icon and select the Manage automatic hosting item. At this point, the options enable automatic Host Channel and Host Team channels and press on the item Host List. Then, write the name of the channel you want to automatically host in the appropriate search field and press the Add button next to the result that best suits your needs.

You can add as many channels as you want in this way whenever they go online (and you won’t believe it). They can host on your profile. To remove a channel from the host list, you just have to press on the trash can icon next to its name. Perfect, you have now correctly configured the Twitch Auto-Host. Easy, right?

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Twitch now allows streamers to view their live cam in the same window

Multi-view streaming is typical for multiplayer games. Now it also enters Twitch, where the new Squad Stream function is making its debut in these hours, which allows up to four creators to stream simultaneously in the same window.

Viewers will be able to enter from a creator page on desktops and mobile devices, enlarge the broadcast on the streamer they want to focus on, keeping an eye on others and chat simultaneously with the community of each creator.

Not only that, but this system also allows more angles to observe the action, which should improve any content, from the royale battles on Apex Legends to the simultaneous speedrun of Mario 64. Not only that, but the system could also favour emerging streamers, able to put themselves in the wake of other more famous creators.

Although it’s not an innovative idea (the now deceased OnLive streaming service introduced multi-view in 2012), the novelty keeps Twitch one step ahead of its rivals. This could prove to be a significant advantage, considering that Google and Microsoft are learning to release their Netflix-style gaming streaming platforms.

The novelty of Twitch also sounds like a move to keep up with the times. Not lose ground compared to other platforms. In recent days it has been learned. YouTube will be heavily integrated into Google Stadia. While Microsoft previously announced that it is adding Mixer to his development toolkit for the launch of the xCloud project. Which should debut at E3, bringing a console-based entirely on the cloud.

Twitch will allow users to watch multiple streams from next year.

As reported by VG247, this new function (Squad Stream) will allow you to watch four streams simultaneously, one for the streamer followed at the moment, and the other three will allow you to see the action from the teammates’ view. This will come in very useful with PUBG or Blackout games since at the moment it is necessary to resort to external tools to obtain the possibility to use the multi-stream.

During the demo shown during Twitch on, there is a very simple and intuitive user interface, and streamers can also invite other users with a simple gesture. The discussion of the current stream will highlight. Obviously, this will change according to the selected stream. In the search bar, you can also search for certain team streams. Hope so. Now you understand all of your question answers. Please comment, if you have any suggestions for us. We always try to provide the best content for our readers.

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