How To Play Solitaire

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Solitaire is a game where you only have to rely on luck and your playing skills and abilities. But it often happens that we get stuck in the game. And find ourselves with less than a 35% chance of winning. So here are the strategies to adopt to get out of the impasse and get to victory. Here we will give a complete guide about how to play solitaire?

The basic strategies

If you had to play with only one trick, you could use this. Reveal more hidden cards in the shortest time possible. Preferably choose the column on the left (or the one with fewer cards) and concentrate your efforts on this one. In this way, you will have free space. Which will allow you to take a card from another column and add a card. For example, if you have a king at your disposal, this move could be beneficial. Simultaneously, try to clear the columns on the right with a higher number of hole cards.

Also, as in other card games, be careful in choosing colors, for example choosing between a [Rt] or [Rca]. Your decision will be based on looking at the cards that block those that remain face down. For example, choose a red queen if you have a blackjack. That prevents you from showing the next card in the right column. Finally, it seems obvious but always better to repeat it. You have to quickly play your  [Ac], [2t], [3p].

Advanced techniques

[7c] [8t] [9p] [10ca] are medium-value cards that are often left out during the game: plan well the [3t] and [4p] that will follow. The main objective must, however, remain to discover the hidden cards.

And avoid doing things too quickly if you have a [At] [2ca] [3p] [4t] [5c] of the same color at the start of the game. In fact, the higher-value cards are certainly important to build your columns.

Make the most of the Spiders and Freecells

Solitaire, also played online, certainly differs from the rules of poker and other card games. We have two popular variations of classic solitaire that require some degree of skill. In fact, their degree of complexity is higher than the traditional version, especially as regards the Spider. In addition to the known, you have to take advantage of other tips to play in the best way.


  • Always start using the highest value cards, possibly of the same color.
  • Try to keep at least 1 or 2 columns free. So that you can proceed more easily and quickly in exchanges.


  • Clear a column at the start of the game, and you’ll be lucky if it contains an ace.
  • Do not add too many cards to a column with low-value cards. At the top, or it is more difficult to free it.
  • Avoid using the 4 free spaces.

How to play solitaire

How to play solitaire Klondike of 36 cards

“Klondike” is considered to be the most demanded of all existing layout methods. For many centuries, adults and children have been fond of playing “for one.” With the development of technology. It has become possible to transfer solitaire to electronic form, and now all Windows users. It will be able to test their luck on a computer. The Klondike rules are quite simple. For her, you need to prepare a deck of 36 or 52 cards. In the second, it is simplified, just for beginners.


  • The deck is laid out into seven closed piles. From left to right, in ascending order. It turns out that in the first, there is 1 card, in the second – 2, in the third – 3, etc.
  • The top ones are turned over, and if there are aces among them. In a simple “Klondike,” they are the basis for further assembly by color.
  • In the playing field, sheets of different suits are placed. On top of each other in descending order. On the king of spades, or six spades on a seven of hearts. This continues until sixes.
  • If any of the piles after the move turned out to be empty. You could transfer the king with the whole chain to it, or one if it is not there. This is how the cards move from one column to another. For example, if you need to open the spade jack and a club of the same denomination nearby.
  • The revealed sixes are laid out on aces according to the suits. And after them, others, going in ascending order.
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How to play other solitaire games

“Klondike” is far from the only type of card layout that can be performed. There are plenty of others, no less exciting, that can be decomposed from decks into 36, 52, or 54.

Grandma’s alignment

Fortune-telling with the unusual name “Grandma’s Layout” is quite simple, but no less interesting from this. The goal is to collect each suit in descending order.

The deck is well shuffled (if necessary, ask a question mentally) and layout 3 pieces:

  • to the center;
  • south, north, west, and east of the central stack;
  • diagonally between the edges of the “cross” – start in the southwest, and further clockwise.

Top sheets are playable in each trio. Collect cards of the same rank so that their number in the initial three does not exceed 4 pieces. If the layout stops folding, you can shuffle the deck and lay it out again. It means that the fortuneteller received the answer “yes” to his question. Otherwise, you can try your luck again, but after a while.

How to play solitaire pyramid of 36 cards

The pyramid is a fairly simple solitaire game with 36 or 52 cards. In both cases, the first layout 1 card face down. Then there is the second row of 2 so that they half overlap the first. The third row already consists of 3, and so on according to the checkerboard principle. Thus, it would help if you got a pyramid, at the base of which there will be 6 cards.

Next, the type of deck matters. When it is 36 cards, then some of them are assigned the following meaning:

  • for an ace, it is 11 points;
  • for a lady – 13;
  • So for a jack – 12;
  • for the king – 19.

How to play solitaire begins by opening the top card in the remaining deck. In a pair to her in the pyramid, they are looking for such that both together form the number 19. For example, a queen and six, jack and seven.

Pyramid for 52 cards

In a game of 52, the layout differs in the number of rows. There are not 6, but 7 of them. But the principle of the layout remains the same. The pairs form cards that add up to 13 points.

The arrangement of denominations in this version is slightly different:

  • the ace has 1 point;
  • the jack has 11;
  • the lady – 12;
  • the king has 13.

When all the cards have found their pair, the solitaire is over.

Alignment for desire

Standard 36-card solitaire can be a great help if you need to solve any issue. The deck is held in hand, mentally pronouncing the desire. Next, they shuffle it well and pull out 2 cards, drawing up.

The bottom 2 pairs in each stack are considered first. Suppose there are 2 identical verticals. Then move on to the next four. In the end, the inverted and 2 last ones should remain.

Defender of the Fortress

This solitaire has an interesting history. There is a myth, according to which a few centuries ago. One of the soldiers of the besieged fortress performed the alignment. So he wanted to know how soon their torment would end and the enemy would retreat. For a long time, he did not succeed – the cards did not want to add up, but the siege continued. And the defenders had no strength left. The decomposed solitaire suddenly came together. After that, literally, 3 hours later, the enemy lifted the siege.

The layout is performed according to the following principle:

  • Aces are removed from the deck and laid out on the table, one above the other. The suit doesn’t matter.
  • According to the following pattern: 4 on each side of the aces in 6 rows.
  • The outermost columns on both are playable. Of these, sheets of the same suit in descending order are moved to free horizontals. For example, clubs 7 and 6 are available. This means that the smaller one moves to the larger one. Until they turn out to be open.
  • If there is an open deuce in the outermost.
  • When releasing a rank, instead of a taken card. It is permissible to put one extreme of the remaining rows and collect a chain on it.
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You cannot shift a chain of several pieces, so you need to analyze and calculate the moves in advance. So that fortune-telling does not go to a dead end. The more contours are freed, the higher the probability that the game will end successfully.

How to play Gypsy solitaire

In this case, the fortuneteller will need a standard deck of 36. The cards are laid face down in 4 rows of 9 cards. The last card is placed in the bottom row on the right. They open it, look at the meaning, and put it in place intended for it:

  • the row starts with sixes and ends with an ace.
  • First row – clubs, second – diamonds, third – hearts, bottom – spades.

When placing a card in its place. Manipulations continue according to the same principle until the ace of clubs opens. As soon as he is in his hands. Suppose it turned out to open the cards before the ace of clubs’ appearance.

Suppose the solitaire does not work out. The number of unopened cards in the upper row shows the number of years remaining. The second row determines the number of months. In the third, they look at the weeks. And in the lower row – the days.

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Napoleon layout

This alignment also has its own legend, according to which the French emperor performed. The calculation when he was in exile. Why he did it – nobody knows. Perhaps this was the best way to keep yourself occupied. “Napoleon” is a rather difficult type of solitaire, which requires 2 decks of 52 cards. Each closed and one lower, open. With him and begin the calculation. Collect cards in descending order.

If there are 10, 9, and 8 in a row, put 9 on 10, and then 8. Free ones from above open up, and they automatically become active for further play. When there are no active cards to move. The inverted ones do not touch until the lower ones are removed, and access to them is freed. If the entire vertical is free, you can put the assembled chain on it.

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Prisoner of Reading

And again, the legend. A writer was in prison in the city of Reading. He had enough time, and, in addition to writing ballads. He figured out how to play solitaire. Almost unchanged. There are three more cards under this row, also face down. Suppose one of the upper ones coincides with the middle one’s denomination from the bottom. For example, there is a lady in the middle. The extreme lower ones do not use.

If there are no cards to move, they take 3 more from the deck and the middle one. They collect those that lie in the top row according to the previous analogy. From the description, it may seem that playing solitaire is a challenging task. But in fact, it is worth at least once to see how another person spreads it, and everything becomes clear. And having dealt with one, the rest is much easier to master.

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How to download Solitaire in Windows

Solitaire is another free app for Windows 10, downloadable from the Microsoft Store. The game modes available are only some variations of Klondike. Such as the one or three-card draw version, the Easthaven one in which. The hole cards are equal in number for each column, and the two-deck one.

Click on the Get button and wait for it to download. And install after opening the link I gave you. There is no payment in the app. But there is a persistent advertising banner on the left side of the screen. Which does not hinder the playability of the title. Also, other solitaire games are available from the same developer. Such as Spider and FreeCell, also free with persistent (non-invasive) banners on the game screen.

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