How to Wireless Print from iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone

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Everyone knows about the Magna Carta, that 800-year-old document that the medieval British nobility forced a British king to sign.  Similarly, everyone has a mobile device, whether it’s an Android phone, a version of an iPhone, or an iPad.  Many people have the hankering to print various historic like the Magna Carta and other documents on their mobile devices.  Now they can thank new wireless and mobile technologies.

Printing from an iPhone

If you are always on the go and have to get that important report into your boss while riding the bus to work, you are in luck.  Did you know that you can actually print it from your iPhone (or Android phone) because it is equipped with a built-in app that allows you to send that report to any printer on that your boss’s WIFI network?  All you need to do is add your iPhone (or Android phone) app to the network.  In this case, it would be the main printer in your office.  So you can have that report ready and put it on your boss’s desk before he even walks into his office. 

How and why can you print from your iPhone?

You need to have an app installed on your iPhone or Android Smartphone if you want to print from it.  There are many good apps that you can currently get from the Apple store or from Google Play.  Some of the better ones are listed below:

  • Print n Share
  • PrintJinni
  • PrintDirect
  • Cannon Easy – Photoprint
  • HP ePrint
  1. Print n Share
    The best part about this app is that it works with any printer.  It is easy to use the app.  Print n Share uses intuitive technology that makes it easy for technology novices to use.  If you have an iPad, you’ll be happy to learn that this app will work on your iPad as well.  You can print any electronic text document imaginable.  This includes emails with gifs,  images, videos, and emojis.  You can easily print pure images and Word documents.  Go out and get this app for your iPhone or iPad today if you don’t already have it.  You will be glad that you did!
    Price:  2.99 British pounds.

  2. PrintJinni
    Well, there is nothing better than a free app that lets you print documents from your iPhone.  This app features the latest in technology with secure cloud service access.  This will allow you to print any type of text or graphic document imaginable.  You can also print web pages straight from your iPhone’s browser.  Its cloud capabilities allow you to store these documents indefinitely.  Unfortunately, the app is only free for a 30 day trial period.  After that time, you’ll be paying between 69 pence and 2.49 British pounds for the different packages. Price – free.

  3. printDirect
    The basic printing capabilities and features of this app are free.  If you want to access its entire range of features, you will have to upgrade to its Full Document Viewer service.  You can purchase this for 5.49 British pounds.  The full features allow you to print any content – images, text, or otherwise – that can be displayed on your iPhone’s screen.

  4. CannonEasy – Photo Print
    This app is compatible with Canon PIXMA and SELPHY printers.  The best part about this app is that it lets you print lengthy pdf documents and documents full of images and gifs with the crispness associated with the most professional print documents.  If you want to, you can scan a document from your iPhone, upload it, and have it printed using this app. Price- Free.

  5. HP E-print
    This is great if you are a mobile phone enthusiast.  You can print any kind of document imaginable from your iPhone to any HP printer.  This means that you can print your vacation itinerary from a hotel in London from your iPhone.  This app will make your vacations and life much easier. Price- Free.
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Best Printing Apps for your Android Phone

While an endless variety of apps exists for you to choose from that will allow you to print documents from your Android phone to any printer, the best two will be discussed.

  1. Starprint
    You can use this app to print to any type of printer available, whether it uses a USB cable, whether it uses WIFI, or whether it uses the advanced Bluetooth technology.  Basically, if you can pull it (content) up on your Android phone, you can print it using this app.  The best part is that you can print your work calendar and tack it to your wall in your cubicle to keep you on track.  Starprint can print a wide variety of layouts, ranging from a letter to a postcard. Price- Free.

  2. CloudPrint
    This app will allow you to print to any printer connected to the Google cloud.  It is ideal if you want documents and other basic text and images printed.  It works like a regular printer that was connected to your laptop or desktop would because it allows you to manage printing jobs and shows you when they are finished!

Best Printing Apps for your iPad

Many people still use iPads and they want to print documents from them.  They are in luck because a wide variety of apps that will allow them to do this currently exists on the market!  They are discussed in more detail below:

  1. Printer Pro
    This is one of the best printing apps on the market because it can print any type of content imaginable that your iPad can display.  This ranges from Word documents, email messages and attachments, and web pages.  Its ability to support printers using USB cables means that you can expand your range of printers – you no longer have to find a printer supporting WIFI technology.  This comes in handy if you do international business and you have to print documents in nations whose Internet infrastructure is not as advanced. Price – $6.99.

    Printer Pro is the ideal app because it supports any type of file type and text that iPads can display.  This includes PDF and TXT formats.  It comes with an intuitive and easy to use interface that makes it easy for someone who knows nothing about using mobile devices to quickly learn and use.

  2. PrintnShare
    This app uses the latest in WIFI and conventional technologies.  This allows you to print any type of document or content that you can pull up on your iPad or iPhone to any printer anywhere in the world!  You can print to traditional printers using USB cables, and you can print to printers using WIFI and Air Print Technologies.  Its print preview option allows you to choose the settings and layout of each document you print for both text and image-based documents.  It is part of Evernote’s technology and system.  This allows you to access unlimited storage systems/services and apps like the popular Google Drive, the scalable iCloud, and the popular Dropbox!
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Printing from your mobile device is a piece of cake now!

Indeed, Printing Documents from Mobile Device is a ‘piece of cake now’ thanks to these apps.  Since these apps are easy to learn, intuitive, and use the latest in technology, all you need to do is ‘click a few buttons’ to print out any content imaginable on any printer, just like you could do with the traditional laptop or desktop computer!