9 Best Catering Service Providers in UAE

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Catering is an essential part of any event. The success of an event depends on the food you present to your guests. Thus, investing in a good catering service provider for your party should be your priority. To help you find, the best catering service providers in Dubai, here is a list-

  1. Al-Maraseem Hospitality

    Al-Maraseem Hospitality provides top-notch services in the areas of food and drinks giving the guests an unforgettable experience. It pays attention to minute details and uses luxury cutlery items to add more parks to the dining table. Its inspiration comes from the hospitable habit of Arabs who believed in serving their customers with the utmost care.

    Such hospitality is only possible with the help of highly qualified and experienced team members who give their full effort in serving customers on an unmatched level. They cover everything from location to catering staff, remarkable food quality and variety, and take care of customer’s satisfaction.

  2. CityChef

    One of the best catering services in Dubai is provided by the CityChef who deals with numerous clients of all types. They render their services to international airline caterers, cruise liners as well as top-grade establishments. They also offer catering services to big functions organized by private parties or large corporate companies. In addition to these, CityChef also provides its services to many institutions during their events, labor vamps, seminars and school meetings in and around Dubai.

    It consists of a team of experts who work with modern technologies and give their best to satisfy the needs of the clients. 

  3. Epicure Catering and Healthy Factory

    Epicure Catering and Healthy Factory is a leading catering service in Dubai that also deals in providing the customers with healthy foods. It serves a large number of clients including multinational companies, hospitals, schools, wedding parties, receptions, etc. 

    It has a well-qualified staff which not only provides top quality food to its guests but also serves them with politeness. It takes care of the requirements of the client and pays full attention to all the details which make them one of the most preferred catering service providers in Dubai.

  4. Appetite Catering and Events

    Appetite Catering and Events offers the best catering services customized fully according to the client. The company offers a wide range of cuisines to choose from. It has the ability to serve any number of people ranging from 2000 to 20000. Thus, it is suitable for any event you want to organize- from small charity gatherings to large corporate meetings. 

    It has a well-trained staff that provides top-notch hospitality services and serves its guests taking care of their requirements. The company also has numerous cutlery designs to choose from which can match the theme of your event. 

  5. Chez Charles

    Another catering service provider on this list is Chez Charles. It is one of the most trusted catering services in Dubai which not only masters in numerous cuisines but also believes in providing first-class hospitality to its guests. It has a quality staff that includes Michelin Star chefs, professional waiters, and international cooks. It also stores various luxury cutlery sets to make the food look more appetizing. 

    The company has a wide catalog offering different types of cuisines, themes, tastes, and budget. Hence, you can choose from a lot of available options.

  6. Elements Premier Catering Services LLC

    Elements Premier Catering Services LLC offers nearly 125 services for the clients according to their requirements. As the company has both Takreer and ADNOC approvals, it offers both offshore and onshore catering projects. It is just the right option because it includes many cuisines and styles. It also serves large corporate companies, business conferences, and wedding parties as well as small gatherings, school events, and birthday parties.

    It has a well-trained polite staff that takes care of the needs of the client and the guests. It also provides laundry, house cleaning and laminating services.

  7. Dish Catering Services

    One of the most reputable catering and event management companies in Dubai is Dish. Established in 2008, it aims at serving the customers and helping them organize large events. It has a well-qualified and highly experienced team of nearly 200 people. 

    It handles various types of events including royal weddings, VIP concert catering, charity gala events, store launches, product exhibitions as well as private events ranging from 20 people to 500+. It also promises top-notch quality food with fine taste so that your guests have a memorable experience.

  8. Rings Catering

    If you’re looking for a professionally managed food and services caterers that would meet your expectations and provide you with high-quality food and manage your event as well, Rings Catering Services in Dubai can be a one-stop solution. They not only pay attention to the minute details but also work to satisfy your guests to the utmost level.

    They have a team of managers, cooks, waiters and other staff who are experts in their field. 

    The company renders its services for all kinds of events including small dinner parties, charity events, school functions to large corporate events, wedding receptions, etc.

  9. Jumeirah Hospitality

    With an extensive experience of 10 years in the marketplace, Jumeirah Hospitality is dedicated to providing the best catering services and hospitality to your guests. They are one of the most reliable catering services in Dubai and offer their services for all small as well as large events. Their service is top-notch and they give their full effort in taking care of the needs of the client. They are a part of Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts which are also known for its high-quality food and numerous cuisines options.
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Organizing an event is a tedious task and you need to concentrate on all the details. But now one of the tasks gets easier as you have the best catering service providers in hand. Choose the right one according to your requirements!