3 Ways Leading Safe Certification Can Help Your Business

Riya Sen

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Firstly, what is SAFe certification? A Scaled Agile Framework is a combination of agile principles and lean principles integrated with a templated framework that is useful for large scale projects. It is one of the most promising and useful methodologies existing in the agile framework. SAFe has more benefits than Scrum which is why many businesses are slowly transferring to SAFe.SAFe helps you in working with scrum teams in the construction of the large systems whereas scrum caters to the simple and less complicated projects within a single team. It also helps to motivate the workers and develop their existing knowledge base and skill base. This is a two-day program that implements various methods and techniques to impart knowledge that will help in the execution of various projects. This certification can be taken up by anyone who wishes to work in an enterprise based on lean-agile principles. From team leaders to project managers, anyone can take up this course.

Here are why you need to have a SAFe certification

  1. Globally recognized certification
    It is always fruitful to have an extra certificate in your resume. SAFe agile certification is one of the globally recognized certifications. It is accepted internationally as well. So, SAFe certification, you can aim at working anywhere in the world since you have eligible credentials backing you up. Any candidate who has more than 5 years of work experience in any of the mentioned fields can take up the exam. This makes it easier for the candidates to understand the concepts better and relate it to their business.

  2. A good amount of hike in the salary
    One of the most promising reasons to take up SAFe agile certification is the significant increase in your salary packages. If you’re a certified SAFe agilest then you will notice a good amount of hike’s in your salary. You’ll be paid 25 percent more than professionals, who do not hold a SAFe certification.

  3. Aids enhanced speedy release value
    SAFe principles support the agile release train where the product goes to the agile release team. This product increment is of immense value. SAFe agile certification enhances the speedy release of the functionalities which will further add value to the customers.
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How SAFe certification will help you in your business

  1. SAFe caters to changing organizational needs in a better way
    Nowadays, companies’ demand is changing with the changing world. Clients expect more out of the businesses. Companies are looking to adopt a methodology that will cater to the demands of the clients. With SAFe agile certification, they will learn to implement the lean start-up cycle and lean user experience. This is useful for testing the notions, innovations as well as creativity as soon as possible.

  2. Improves decision-making abilities
    Decision-making capability is one of the most important reasons to go for this certification and training. Decision making is the most critical aspect for any organization as this decision will affect the entire business. With SAFe certification, it is easier to maintain and execute solutions to problems and hence, improves the economic status of your business.

  3. Resolving project complexities
    The SAFe methodology is used for large and complex projects. It makes multiple scrum teams work together to build a complex product. The sAFe methodology is very transparent and straightforward. With SAFe training, you’ll be able to handle complex projects with ease. This growth is fuelling the demand for SAFe certification. It is the most widely used agile framework across the globe. They provide a valid, reliable and consistent method of evaluating the SAFe skills and mindset.

Safe certification Bangalore is one of the best training institutes in this city. This will help you handle your business more efficiently. It can help your business in more ways than you can imagine. All the candidates can access the exam within the SAFe community platform. The exam will be an online one with only a single browser open and a closed book. The institutes like StarAgile help to provide the courses which help the people to increase their knowledge base and existing skills related to the agile practices. The company has the best professionals who provide practical sessions to the participants so that they can learn well. So, for help related to different courses, contact Star Agile.  There will be no help from outside and it will be a timed exam. Having a multiple-choice question format, you will have 1.5 hours to get 34 out of 45 questions right. If you fail to do so, you will have to pay 50 dollars every time you want to take up the exam. The safe certification helps in the proper development of applicants into such people who can make the best decisions in the interest of the organization in which they are working.