Best 13 Snes Games

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We recall the best games for the best gaming system. Many consider Super NES the greatest console of all time, and it’s not at all its power or ability to stream 4K movies, as is the case with modern consoles. Gamers love SNES primarily for their games. Here you can know about the best 13 SNES games.

SNES includes a host of classic projects equally adored by critics and gamer’s – including Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger, A Link to the Past, and many others. Therefore, it’s time to recall the 13 most outstanding projects that came out on the 16-bit SNES console.

Best 13 Snes Games

1.Chrono Trigger

Best Snes Games The Greatest SNES RPG Ever Made

Best Snes Games

Everything seems to be said about the Chrono Trigger. This is perhaps the last representative of that glorious JRPG era in which the characters did not wear leather suits, and the action was not interrupted by excessive cutscenes. As in the case of FF6, the game is loved precisely by its characters – Trigger has an invisible feeling of real friendship; as we progress, we understand that all these people on the screen, collected from different eras and millennia, really care about each other.

They save not just the world; they save reality as such. It all starts with the usual everyday activities of the protagonist, which turn into an adventure of incredible proportions. To avoid plot spoilers, we confine ourselves to this.

Chrono Trigger shines with a variety of level and character design, and, it should be noted, only a team of Japanese developers could crank it out – everyone else would probably have a slurred mishmash of ideas and concepts. The plot smoothly leads us to the decisive final battle, gradually raising the stakes, and the final scene of the Chrono Trigger is difficult to describe in words.

This is an incredibly touching farewell to friends, largely reminiscent of the best works of Hayao Miyazaki. The magic of cinema right on SNES at a time when Saturn and PlayStation had already begun to supplant it. Oh, if we only knew what we were giving up.

2.Super Metroid

Super Metroid | Best Snes Games

Best Snes Games

SNES has become the platform on which Nintendo has honed its skills. This is especially noticeable with the example of Super Metroid, which has improved almost all aspects of its predecessors – from the map, the abilities of the hero and monsters, and to the incredible amount of small details in each of the cramped rooms. And these details can be called the main distinguishing feature of Super Metroid because, with their help, the story of the planet Zebes and its inhabitants was told. The game was reluctant to give us plot details, using quiet music and minor elements of the environment to focus on really important points. A similar presentation of history can be found only in Portal. Even BioShock, where everything is ultimately said in plain text, fades compared to Super Metroid.

A similar approach was later implemented in Symphony of the Night and later Shadow Complex, which once again proved its effectiveness. The game inspired a lot of really worthy projects, including Outland, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Cave Story, and others, but Nintendo itself, unfortunately, no longer knows in which direction to move the series. The company handed over the brand to Retro Studios 10 years ago, then returned it to itself to release the not-so-successful Other M … Maybe you don’t have to try to invent the wheel and just release a new Metroid in classic 2D, like in the good old days?

3.The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The game immortalized the formula of the Zelda series, and almost all of the following parts focused on A Link to the Past, a purebred action-packed RPG with an open world. The gameplay, consisting of exploration of the world, puzzles, and battles, ideally balances between elegant simplicity and the depth of the study of the two worlds presented. Looking at LTTP now, you might think that this is a modern game, which for some reason, they decided to release in a 16-bit format. The mix of dungeons and puzzles presented here inspired countless other games, but almost no one was able to get to the same level of quality.

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The dungeons were moderately complex, but it only fueled interest, puzzles made you think hard about your brain, but you never got gamers into a dead end, and the main storyline went through in one breath, and none of the presented episodes was out of the pace of the story.

4.Secret of Mana

Secret Of Mana | Best Snes Games

Best Snes Games

Looking back, you can list dozens of really good RPGs for Super NES. And it all started with the release of Secret of Mana in 1993. An action RPG that can be called a 2D version of Kingdom Hearts. The development studio abandoned the slow turn-based system, giving us the opportunity to directly control one of the three heroes and give orders to the other two. And these mechanics worked flawlessly, perfectly fitting into the atmosphere of an exciting adventure.

The secret of Mana was also remembered for its cinematic gameplay, which later became the hallmark of SNES. Just look at the main menu of the game, and you will understand what is at stake.

5.Final Fantasy III

Best Snes Games | FINAL FANTASY III on Steam

Best Snes Games

Everything was said above about the general cinematography. This project for SNES is also applicable to Final Fantasy III (which, in fact, is the sixth part of the franchise). The main characters of the game fail one after another, but do not abandon attempts to save the world. Each episode of this journey is told by real masters of their craft. And the story remains as touching even after decades.

This is a true work of art, worthy of the highest praise (in our list of the best games of all time, the project takes 14th place). Final Fantasy VII has made a huge contribution to the popularization of the JRPG genre, but let’s face it, FF6 is much better than its follower in all respects – be it characters, music, villains, and history. If she had the same spectacular (and confusing) CG trailer as FF7, she would have topped all the lists of the greatest video games.

6.Super Mario Kart

Best Snes Games | Super Mario Kart

Best Snes Games | Super Mario Kart

It’s hard to believe, but once upon a time, cute cartoon racing on the maps really entertained the players. Super Mario Kart came out at a time when all racing simulators were chasing realism, but because the races of Mario and his friends in bright scenery looked really fresh and original. And, of course, got a lot of fans.

The Mario Kart franchise continues to replenish with new parts. That develops the ideas embodied in the original. We still go through the first part with pleasure. The problems with an online connection. Excellent 2D graphics. A set of familiar heroes and interesting tracks and coins scattered across locations—simulator in the Mario universe. Super Mario Kart is one of the best 13 SNES games.


EarthBound | Best Snes Games

Best Snes Games

SNES has become home to a number of outstanding JRPGs; however, even against their background, a universally recognized masterpiece called Earthbound (Mother 2) stands out clearly. The game was unusual, and was not at all shy about it. Take at least the fact that. Earthbound bribed with its characters, a strange but convincing world, and unconventional humor, which contrasted strongly with the typical fantasy RPGs in the setting of the Middle Ages.

Despite the fact that the Earthbound gameplay was close to the traditional representatives of the JRPG genre, its surreal world, excellent localization, and a vibrant experimental soundtrack created a truly unique gaming experience. It is also worth noting one of the best endings in the history of video games – a frightening and touching denouement story, which, despite the abundance of jokes and stupid moments, brought the thought of the power of friendship and love. If you like unrestrained creativity, then you simply have to evaluate Earthbound.

8. Yoshi’s Island

By the mid-90s, the creators of Mario have already entrenched in the video game industry as the leading developers of the largest platformers. But before heading into the 3D world and releasing the classic Mario 64, they finally decided to please us with the latest 2D adventure for NES. We are talking about the famous spin-off to Super Mario World with the dinosaur. Yoshi in the title role. Which is deservedly consider? One of the most significant projects for the genre. While other platformers focused on juicy graphics, the Miyamoto team relied on the development of levels and did not fail.

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Each new location in Yoshi’s Islands created taking into account the abilities of the protagonist, amazes with the number of small details, some of which you notice far from the first passage. Boss battles deserve special praise, and even Little Mario fails to spoil the fun. Yoshi’s Island has proven that classic gameplay can be relevant not only in the mid-90s but also today.

9.Street Fighter II Turbo

Street Fighter II Best Snes Games

Best Snes Games

Many fighting game fans say Street Fighter II for SNES introduced them to the genre. The game was the quintessential fighting game for Super Nintendo.

We finally got the opportunity to play for Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M. Bryson; now we could think through new tactics, actively using combinations of new and already familiar tricks. In other words, Street Fighter II Turbo was simply the best in its genre, and if you like fighting games as much as we do, then you probably spent more than a dozen hours in it.

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10.Super Mario World

No one would be surprised if, after the release of the excellent Super Mario Bros. 3, developers decided to take a break and deservedly rest on their laurels. However, the studio immediately started creating another hit, timed to coincide with the release of the second Nintendo home console. The result is a platformer that surpasses Super Mario Bros. 3 for all possible parameters. Built on the foundation of Mario 3, Super Mario Worlds attracted attention primarily with its graphics. the colors in the game looked incredibly bright and saturated. The sort is seen before in Genesis projects. Let alone NES.

The classic gameplay of the Mario series has replenished with a number of interesting innovations – including the Yoshi dinosaur with its unusual abilities. Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to believe. One of the best games for the console not only came out simultaneously with its release. But supplied free of charge with the game system itself.

11.Tetris Attack

Everyone who calls Tetris the best puzzle obviously hasn’t played Tetris Attack. This game (also known as Panel de Pon and Puzzle League) took us hundreds of hours, and we would love to spend the same. The Nintendo R & D2 division was responsible for the development of the project, noticeably improving the original gameplay mechanics, which made the gameplay very stressful.+

Despite the myriad of remakes and reprints, we still consider the original for SNES to be one and only. What was the secret? Perhaps in a luscious visual style inspired by Yoshi’s Island. Or in a great soundtrack. Or in the hatred look of our friends, when during a joint game in front of the TV. We spoiled their combination with an inappropriate unit.

12.Super Castlevania IV

Super Castlevania IV | Super Nintendo |Best Snes Games

Best Snes Games

Before Symphony of the Night marked the beginning of a new era of Castlevania (with an open world and all the attendant details). Super Castlevania IV presented us with the best linear gameplay in the series. And also demonstrated all the features of the Super NES console. The fascinating soundtrack, competent use of Mode 7. Parallax scrolling and impressive visual effects worthy of a high-quality horror. All this made Super IV the brightest 16-bit part of the series, surpassing the game for NES in all respects.

Super Castlevania IV was not stingy with entertainment. Gigantic-sized bosses and rich locations. The game was a real technological breakthrough for its time. And today, it is able to captivate all fans of action games with its ageless gameplay.

13.Super Punch-Out!!

As we already mentioned, almost every Nintendo franchise is only better at Super NES. This also applies to Super Punch-Out !! Which took simple and addictive gameplay from the original for NES. And added a number of strategic elements to the gameplay. In each match, you can learn the course of action of eccentric boxers in order to achieve perfect passage; Nevertheless, it is necessary to respond in time to unexpected tricks.

The game was remembered by huge boxers. Funny animations and almost perfect controls. Which made it the best in its genre. By the way, the sequel for the Wii of 2009 also turned out to be very good. But he could not get around the original.

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