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Modern reviewers classify almost everything as an action game in games: shooters, MOBAs, platformers, sea and air simulators, fighters, and more. And, by the way, they are largely right. They are taking into account the modern realities of the video game industry. So, the word “action” is a direct copy of the English auction, which means action. In this article, you can know about the best action games for pc. And this means in this context that these very actions are required from the player, the gamer: reaction speed, shooting accuracy, perseverance, endurance, the ability to instantly analyze the situation and predict the actions of the enemy on the screen, and so on.

Thus, it is only natural that quite a few subgenres formally fall under the definition of action—even the antediluvian platformers.  Let’s emphasize again for a complete understanding. In a game developer, the action does NOT mean only dynamic and colourful action on the screen as they mean in the film industry. Here, this refers to the physical skills of the player himself.

But, of course, with a vivid emotional and visual component in the game itself, otherwise, what kind of video game is it? In the review presented to you, Expertology specialists included the best representatives of the action genre, dividing them into nominations by subgenre. And in this case, we consider the technical platform the most universal – the PC. Many of the listed games have been ported to other platforms (or, originally developed for them), but full versions of them have been made for the PC without fundamental restrictions.

Best action games for pc

Best action games for pc

The best open-world action games for PC

The first nomination of the Expertology rating of the best action games for PC is dedicated to the so-called open-world action games. Here we mean that the player will have to act in conditions close to reality – real or fictional. In the sense that the action in the game is not linear, and there can be any plot twists. But the main component is still action – skill, accuracy, agility, cunning, abstract thinking of the player himself. Grand theft auto v.

And immediately we can advise the undisputed hit of all times and peoples – the famous GTA-5. This, of course, is not the first game in the GTA series, but one of the most anticipated, and gamers pinned many hopes on it. The game was created for PS4 and Xbox One, but the PC version came out pretty quickly, and in many ways, this is a standalone product and not a direct port. The first thing in which everyone is unanimous about the enthusiasm for this game is the colossal size of the open world, which worked out to the smallest detail.

Go wherever

You want and do whatever you want. Literally, given the “inclinations” of the character, his activities are still often associated with a crime: shooting, car thefts, robberies, trade-in dubious values, and the like. The second is the graphics. None of the parts of the series has yet shone with such bright and beautifully traced details of the city and all its components.  The system requirements, of course, for a full-fledged game are monstrous, and this is one of the disadvantages of the game. But still, not so little time has passed since the release of the fifth part, and the technique does not standstill.

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So the once super-powerful gaming machines don’t look so monstrous anymore, and the world of GTA-5 remains as beautiful as ever. It would seem that there is simply nothing to improve there. Now about the plot for those who do not know at all. The “trick” of the fifth GTA is that for the first time in the series, we have three protagonists at once: the former bank robber Michael, the ambitious and slightly (slightly?) Nutty Franklin, and the completely frostbitten redneck Trevor.

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They all lead quite different ways of life. Michael is bored under the witness protection program with a disgusted family, Franklin is building a criminal career by any means, and Trevor strives to fulfil his old dream – to smuggle weapons and drugs. Depending on the mood and desire, the player can switch between these three at any time, doing either Michael’s everyday affairs, or Franklin’s crazy life action, or Trevor’s cunning and dangerous equipment. From such a “triumvirate,” the game never loses the interest of the player, no matter what mood he is in.

Also, in this game, the lengthy and sometimes tedious introductory part (as in the fourth GTA) has been abolished. There are some intermediate stages, but they pass quickly and “do not strain.”

Far cry 5

Best action games for pc

Best action games for pc

Next, in our ranking, we present the fifth game from the legendary Far Cry series. It is the fifth, and not the entire series, since here, as in the above-described GTA 5. There are significant features that make it exceptional, even for such a mega-successful work of Ubisoft. From release to release in the Far Cry series, only the setting changed, and the idea remained the same.

The main character finds himself in unknown places, is captured by the enemy, is forced to fight with an unfriendly environment. Enemies, make allies, do anything, including primitive gathering, just to survive. If possible, take revenge on the offenders. All this from a series in a series was a vivid action game and an unforgettable, exciting pastime for the player. Actually, in the fifth game, the whole idea is the same. Only the setting has changed and … some other important things—more about them.

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The action takes place in Hope County in northern Montana, on the border with Canada. It seems to be a quiet and peaceful place with virgin nature and amazingly beautiful landscapes. But here, Evil itself reigned – a gang of fanatics. The Sid family are the complete scumbags, morally backed by a destructive idea. Save Hope from a gang of bloody murderers, and our hero will have to.

It seems to be an ordinary retelling of thousands of other games, isn’t it? But a lot of experienced gamers and professional reviewers emphasize the incredible sensory component in Far Cry 5.  Many people feel so deeply emotionally immersed in the game that they feel the loss at the end and start over.

Here, in some invisible way, “eternal questions” about life, about being, about meanings are raised. And if such questions are asked by a seemingly soulless NPC, you believe him. This is perhaps the main advantage of the fifth game in the series. For the rest, of course, everything has been worked out for 5+. Far Cry “survived” a variety of settings, including extremely exotic ones. But none of them has become as memorable and familiar to players as Hope County, Montana. Far Cry 5 is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful games of the past year.

Mad max

best action games for pc

best action games for pc

Further in our rating follows a vivid example of a seemingly practically dead genre of movie games. In recent years, the industry has been unable (and unwilling to) produce anything digestible, and Avalanche Studios has successfully broken that trend with the excellent Mad Max game. Let’s say right away that the game has something to blame, and many reviewers are happy to compete in this. This is a completely “no” plot, and chaotic locations, and a secondary combat system. Of course, it is still full of all subjectivity. We are considering the game in the context of our theme. Here it is impossible not to admit that the action here is more than fierce.

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It’s upsetting that you have to mess around with putting together your car and a bunch of settings, but there is no creative scope for customization, as in Need For Speed, and thank God. Meaningfulness and plot, as already mentioned, are not the strongest points of Mad Max. This means that all the player needs are to methodically (or chaotically) clear the map.

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There is no sense in any kind of special development, pumping, and strategic thinking in general. But the map is stuffed with a variety of objects that “generate” exciting events for the player – fast-paced pursuits with shootouts, seizure of towers, robberies of anything, and other quest-action components. All this happens cheerfully, cheerfully, with a twinkle, and will not let you get bored. However, the creators hinted that the game has a very indirect relationship to the film, the style and general mood leaves no doubt.  We think Mad max is the best action game for pc.

The technical implementation of the chases deserves some warm words. Everything here is “like in the movies”: you chase the enemy, equal with him, shoot at the gas tank. Cuddle the car sideways, push into the abyss. And much more that is spectacular and adrenaline. Thus, Mad Max turned out to be an excellent road movie with an atmospheric setting of the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max and mind. It is blowing action that requires strong nerves and good skills. All as one put the lack of a game in the lack of a plot – there is no special meaning here, and there is no need to look for it.

Watchdogs 2

And the fourth action game in our rating is the continuation of the sensational Watch Dogs.  It is for fans of such a popular combination that Expertology experts have included this game in the review. There are quite a few games in the stealth-action genre, even modern ones, and in search of the best, one cannot get away from the taste.

So, Watch Dogs 2 is an open-world game where the action takes place from a third person. The events take place in San Francisco, and our main character is a hacker, not alien to crime. He will have to hack all sorts of devices, less often to rob someone and even less often to escape from the pursuit. The “trick” of the game is complete control over the important electronic systems of the city.

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It can be anything – a banking network, traffic lights, terminals, switchboards, etc. All of this, the player will have to learn to control dexterously to remotely arrange traps, ambushes, and simply annoying troubles for enemies. Watchdogs 2 is also the best action game for pc. The protagonist can steal money from accounts. Change personal data, hand over “objectionable” police on fake evidence, and even shock through a payphone! This is the essence of this stealth action game. However, there is plenty of direct action in the game. You will have to drive a car to be in a time where you need to. Participate in regattas, look for caches, and other dynamic and interesting things. So, in addition to brains, you also need dexterity, motor skills, and strong nerves.

A nice moment for many gamers is that Watch Dogs 2 is a multiplayer game. Moreover, you can quickly switch from single-player mode to multiplayer. Watch Dogs 2 is too, unlike its predecessor to even try to compare the two games. Experts tend to draw parallels with the above GTA 5 rather than with the first Watch Dogs. And this is a good thing. And, yes, the unspoken “aerobatics” in the game is to complete the task. Having sat out somewhere far away, beyond suspicion, away from potential dangers, controlling events remotely.

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