The Common Challenges Faced by Indoor Cannabis Growers

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Many people living in the states or countries that have legalized medical cannabis now opt to grow their own plants. Growing your own cannabis plants has plenty of benefits. Some of these benefits include having full control over the process, saving you more money, and experimenting with various strains or growing methods. With the best cannabis seeds from Farmers Lab Seeds, you can start your journey of growing your own cannabis. You can either grow them indoors or outdoors, your choice of grow space will depend on your preferences and the amount of growing space you have. This article gives you some of the most common challenges that indoor cannabis growers face in their operations. 

However, it’s not just all about the benefits, growing your cannabis plant indoors also has some challenges. These challenges faced by Indoor Cannabis Growers include:


  1. Temperature and humidity


Cannabis plants do well in warmer climates, which must be artificially replicated in the indoor growing space. Proper temperature and humidity are essential factors when growing cannabis. Too high humidity will lead to mold and fungus growth. On the other hand, high temperatures with low humidity will make the plants to wilt and fail to blossom.  

So when growing cannabis indoors, you must ensure that the room temperature of the growing space is about 70-75 degrees Celsius. Humidity should also be in the 70% range to help the plants retain moisture. This way, your cannabis plants see rapid growth, and they will be healthy as well.


2. Correct nutrient plan


Home growers usually want to produce as much flower as possible within a short period. One of the ways these growers can achieve this is to choose the correct nutrients and apply them appropriately. More nutrients is not necessarily the better option if your goal is to have healthy plants with bright flowers. Applying too much nutrients, regardless of the growing setup, will result in shocked plants and burned leaves. Yellow, unhealthy leaves rather than vibrant green leaves will obviously disappoint the grower. 

Before you start to grow your cannabis plant, you must ensure that you establish a solid nutrient plan for all the stages of cannabis growth. Cannabis plants require different levels of certain nutrients and soil additives at various stages of growth. Its needs during the germinating growth are different from its needs during the flowering phase.  Fortunately, there are products and schedules that are already developed for people who don’t want to mix their nutrient recipes. 


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3. Lighting


Indoor cannabis growers must depend on artificial lighting for the growth of their plants. There is no alternative to this reality. Without adequate lighting, plants won’t grow, and less amount of lighting will result in low production and unhealthy flowers. There are many choices available for lighting, and a cannabis grower must decide which one suits his or her operation. However, deciding on which lights to choose at a minimal cost is usually a challenge for almost all growers. Some of the lighting options include:

  • LED [light-emitting diode] lights
  • High-pressure sodium [HPS] lights
  • Metal halide lights


4. Ventilation and air circulation


Proper air circulation is essential for the growth of high-quality, potent cannabis. Cannabis plants also require a blend of new, fresh air entering the grow space in order to grow under ideal conditions. It is also necessary to remove the old air, and an experienced grower can perform that using ventilation ducts

Various products, ranging from the simple to complex, will help in ensuring that the growing space has a stable supply of fresh air. A blend of fresh air will keep humidity levels from getting too high and allow into the room CO2 that plants really love. 


5. Disease and pest prevention


Spiders and mites are among the most common pest that will affect indoor cannabis growth. These pests can be a severe nightmare for growers, and at the same time, a considerable challenge to eliminate. They can considerably affect the plants because they suck the liquid from the leaves and other areas of the plants they prey on, leaving them weak. 

Powdery mildew can also attack several plant species and results from various fungi species. Several factors cause powdery mildew, but the most common factor is high humidity.  This is one of the reasons why proper humidity and air circulation are crucial for the growth of cannabis plants. You should ensure that you correctly space the plants from each other to promote adequate airflow between them.

You should also isolate any plants you bring into your growing space, or better yet, avoid adding plants. That one plant from outside you are planning to add could have problems that can seriously impact your entire harvest, so it’s not worth the risk.

There are natural treatments that you can use to curb these pests and disease problems. However, it’s is quite difficult to cure and eradicate them. The best way is to prevent them from ever getting a grip. 


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6. Odor control


It is no secret that cannabis has strong odors. Although some strains are more pungent than others, all of them can alter the aromatic setting if grown in large quantities. There are many options available to control odor. Filters with activated carbon are common and effective for cannabis grows. There is a wide variety of styles and sizes available for home cultivation. 

Final words

The challenges facing indoor growers can lead to severe problems. Indoor growers also face problems that differ a bit from those of outdoor cultivators.  Each method works with different environmental factors. Since the indoor growing space is manmade, all the indoor growers must have a sound and proven strategy for success as well as all the required equipment to detect, regulate, and treat undesirable variances.

Now that you have a good understanding of some of the challenges that indoor cannabis growers face, you can grab your marijuana seeds USA and start growing your cannabis. You can come up with your own ways to overcome these challenges and harvest healthy cannabis.

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