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Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa ( Cortana has a minimal reach), the mobile personal assistants market are dominated. The latest addition is Bixby, introduced in 2017 with the Galaxy S8 / S8 +, which has received constant improvements over the years. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about what is Bixby home?

Its popularity does not reach that of its direct competitors. But it is increasing thanks to the sales of Samsung’s smartphones. With version 2.0, support has been extended to other connected products. Third-party companies can also write compatible applications using the Bixby Developer Studio.

What is Bixby home

Home is the tabbed interface accessible by pressing the Bixby button or swiping to the right. Here all the most important information collected. The individual apps are entered appointments, weather forecast. In practice, it is possible to interact with various apps without opening them individually.

The screen is dynamic and varies according to day, geographic location, and user habits. For example, if Bixby learns that an outdoor workout is done every morning. Home shows cards for an alarm clock, weather forecast, music playlist, and Samsung Health.

What is Bixby Home History

Samsung’s first personal assistant was S Voice, introduced with the Galaxy S III in 2012. And derived from Vlingo, a voice recognition software. Nuance Communications later acquired the same name Korean manufacturer decided to develop a more advanced assistant. Bixby has therefore replaced S Voice on the Galaxy S8 / S8 +, announced in March 2017.

Before the official launch, there were rumours about the use of artificial intelligence. Developed by Viv Labs, a startup founded by the creators of Siri.  Samsung acquired Viv Labssks and answered more specific questions, starting a real conversation with the user. It also supported not only smartphones but other devices as well, from wearables to appliances.

In October 2017, the new version supported smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smart TVs, smart speakers, refrigerators, and other IoT devices. Samsung has also released an SDK. Initially, the assistant only recognized Korean voice commands. After solving various “comprehension” problems, the Korean manufacturer added the English language (United States). Making the Bixby Voice functionality usable in over 200 countries. Since February 2019, after the presentation of the Galaxy S10. Users can interact with Bixby by speaking in Italian, English (UK), French, German and Spanish.

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How to activate: What Is Bixby Home

The fastest way to activate Bixby Voice is to say the command “ Hi Bixby. “ Alternatively, you can hold down the dedicated button on Galaxy smartphones. If there is no button, start the app of the same name. Before using voice recognition, you need to register your voice in the settings. A single short press activates Bixby Home instead.

On the occasion of the launch of the Galaxy S10, Samsung added the ability to customize. The button, choosing an option (single or double press) for Bixby. And assigning the other to an app or quick commands. The button allows voice dictation (e.g., for messages).

What is Bixby Home Functionality

Since the first version, Bixby has offered four main features: Home, Voice, Vision, and Reminder. Bixby Routines and other new features, including Bixby Voice Unlock, shortcuts.

What is Bixby Home Voice

Voice is certainly the most used feature, as it allows you to perform numerous operations using voice commands. Recognition takes place optimally up to a distance of 20 centimetres. But the deep learning technology makes it possible to distinguish the voice even in environments that are not excessively noisy. Users can take advantage of the personal assistant to make calls, send messages, search for points of interest. Start music playback, view the weather forecast, activate the camera. Set the alarm, check appointments, change smartphone settings, and much more other.

In addition to Samsung apps, Bixby Voice also supports several third-party apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, and Uber. It is also possible to remotely control compatible IoT devices. Instead of making multiple requests, the user can create a sequence of actions performed with a single shortcut. For example, with the “Cinema” command. Voice Unlock instead allows you to ask for Bixby’s.

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What Bixby can do

Like a smart assistant, Bixby can do countless things for you, such as learning your habits and supporting you with what you need on your smartphone, based on where you are or what activity you are doing. It manages to open applications without forcing you to touch the display and post for you on your social networks only by using your voice to dictate your new post.

Or, book a restaurant or call Uber, unlock your phone and make phone calls, as well as understand consequential phrases to leave you free to speak in the most natural way possible. It can also help you not forget anything with its reminders, write your messages under dictation, modify your Samsung settings, and information such as the calories of the dish you just photographed or allow you to scan a QR code.

Finally, Bixby is the perfect ally if you use smart appliances since only by asking your assistant verbally you can manage:

  • TV;
  • The thermostat;
  • The music;
  • Intercom;
  • The washing machine;
  • The fridge.

You can also turn to Bixby to get the most classic information, from reading the news to weather forecasts to information on cinema times and schedules.

Compatible devices

At present, in Italy, Bixby in its beta version is already fully functional on Galaxy S8 and S8 +, Galaxy S9 and S9 +, Note 8 and Note 9, Galaxy A6, A6 Plus, A7, A8, and A9 (2018 versions), but also J3 and J6 2018. In addition to smartphones, however, Bixby is at the centre of the attention of those who follow the evolution of the smart speaker sector. Recently, there have been rumours about the expected arrival of Galaxy Home.

This is the smart speaker that Samsung has been working on silently for a long – perhaps too long – time, and which will be animated by the Bixby assistant. To take a seat at home and help in the management of smart appliances and more.

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Bixby Vision

Vision is the most advanced feature, as it uses various technologies (OCR, object/image recognition, augmented reality ) to provide information on everything framed by the camera. From the Gallery and the browser to search for images. Vision allows you to view information on monuments, wines, and films, buy the recognized object online, discover the calorie content of foods, read QR codes, translate menus, road signs, and signs, try on glasses before purchasing, add virtual appliances in the home and see the movie trailer by framing the poster.

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Bixby Reminder

The reminder is the feature that allows you to set reminders based on time, place, and circumstances. In addition to the classic “to-do” list, you can ask Bixby to remember appointments, an important phone call, or the point where a movie was interrupted. Reminders can be created via voice commands by typing text in the same name from within other apps and saving text, photos,, and links. Reminders are accessible in the app, on the card in Bixby Home, via widgets, in AOD (Always On Display) mode,, and from the Edge panel.

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Bixby Routines: What Is Bixby Home

Routines were introduced at the launch of the Galaxy S10 series. The feature uses machine learning to analyze user habits and preferences, suggesting routines configured at certain times of the day. In addition to the preset ones, there are customizable routines based on smartphonertphonertphonertphone use at certain times and places. For example, the “ Before Going to Bed ” routine automatically turns off sounds, dims the screen, and turns on night mode. The “ Save battery overnight ” routinely turns off Always On Display mode, WiFi, and data connection. Finally, the routine “ By car” Activates the speakerphone, enlarges the text size, and starts music playback.

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Supported devices

Bixby was introduced alongside the Galaxy S8 / S8 + in March 2017. Since then, almost all high-end and mid-range Samsung smartphones have supported the personal assistant. The list is quite long and includes the later models of the Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note 10/10 +, Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8, Galaxy A6 / A7 / A8 / A9,, and Galaxy A30 / A50 / A60 / A70 / A80. Few tablets support Bixby. Among the most recent are Galaxy Tab S6 and Galaxy Tab S5e, the former with Bixby 2.0. Digital assistant is also available on select wearables, including Galaxy Watch Active / Active 2 smartwatches and Galaxy Buds earbuds.

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Bixby also works on the Galaxy Home smart speaker, high-end smart TVs announced in 2018/2019, and home appliances, such as the Family Hub refrigerator. The full features can only be used on the most expensive smartphones, as they integrate all the necessary components, while on others, there are Home and Reminder. Bixby Routines remains exclusive to the Galaxy S10, Galaxy A50, and Galaxy A80 at the moment. To know the supported features, you need to read the product manuals on Android Nougat smartphones.

AI platform

Bixby has been confined to Samsung’s enclosure for over a year. The second. Opversion’s announcement AI platform simplifies its integration into third-party apps, services, and devices. Developers can use the Bix, by Developer Studio to create Bixby Capsules (equivalent to Alexa Skills ) to add personal assistant features and other languages support. The Bixby Marketplace for Bixby Capsules was opened in late June 2019 for US and Korean users, while in the USA it is available from July 1st.

Samsung Daily replaces: What Is Bixby Home.

SamMobile colleagues report that the distribution of Samsung Daily has begun, but for the moment on a minimal number of devices: the Samsung Galaxy S10 (more precisely: S10e, S10, S10 Plus, S10 5G ) that mount the Android Beta 10 ( the third has been around for a few hours ). Such as the Galaxy Note 10. To receive the update, you need to open the Galaxy Store app and search for updates from there. The release on the stable channel should begin at the end of the year, probably coinciding with the arrival of Android 10 (it is not certain that it will remain an exclusive, however). By the South Korean company at SDC 2019. This month when Samsung itself had filed the trademark registration request with the EUIPO. And now the confirmation arrives: the new platform will completely replace the current Bixby Home.

So Samsung is preparing to introduce a renewed hub on its smartphones: ” One-stop content discovery platform “as the Asian manufacturer defines it, which will make available to users a series of customizable cards in which news, sports information, videos, music will be reported, games, recipes and much more. From the (little) information revealed by Samsung at the San Jose conference, we learn that Daily will offer a renewed interface, which will allow navigation more simply and intuitively. News also on the developer’s side, for which it will be easier to bring their content to the platform. According to various rumours, the debut should not belong: Samsung Daily should, in fact, supplant Bixby Home already during November.

What is Bixby used for?

Like Siri or Google Assistant, Bixby is a virtual assistant. That can help a user in daily interaction with their smartphone. Through Bixby, using a Samsung smartphone can make requests on the phone only with their voice. There is no need to touch the display to operate. It is possible to request it via voice commands from the assistant.

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How does it work: What Is Bixby Home?

Like others of its kind, Bixby is equipped with a neural network. Capable of understanding natural language. And learning from its use: thanks to machine learning systems, Bixby learns its user’s habits.  It can’t work at multiple levels on the mobile device, both when it comes to the use of compatible applications and to act on the smartphone’s internasmartphone’s smartphone’s smartphone’s l settings.

You can invoke Bixby in two ways:

  • Via “ Hi Bixby ” voice control ;
  • Pushing the dedicated physical button, found on Samsung’s high-end smartphones.
  • Although it is recommended to use in environments that are not too noisy, Bixby can separate the user’s voice from the ambient noise, managing to pick up the commands. With a medium intensity noise.
  • But Bixby doesn’t just have a voice assistant soul. In fact, it can count on four different modes:
  • Bixby Voice, which also speaks Italian and can process complex language, as well as understand the requests addressed;
  • Vision, search through images or photos taken at the moment.  Referring to the online store where you can buy the object in question, or by translating foreign writing;
  • Home, which allows the user to have all the contents suggested according to their habits in a single section;
  • Reminder, a valuable memory aid that keeps track of commitments and makes them present through convenient reminders.

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