Harry Potter Spells List (Part-1)

There are many Harry Potter Spells. This article now we will show you the harry potter spells list & details

Harry Potter Spells List

Avada Kedavra

Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter Spells

the indicated wand on another wizard, Muggle, or any living creature. It is also known that it is necessary to be confident in your decision to kill someone or to strongly desire this, which in principle is similar.


This spell is by no means the only spell designed to kill, but it is the only spell aimed only at death. For example, the Cruciatus spell is designed to torture a victim, which in the end can kill.


Only the Expelliarmus spell may be able to repel this spell, but some wizards try to use the Protego bit, which is used to protect against any magic, but in this case, the proto does not work.


It is known that Harry Potter has never used this spell. How did he destroy Voldemort? Everything is simple. Voldemort used the Avada Kedavra spell, and Harry Potter used the expelliarmus reflective period, and the magic of the dark lord killed his master.


This can be said with confidence that the Avada Kedavra spell can kill its creator as well, and can also be reflected from various magic items. Everything happens quite merely. If a wizard casts any period, then he is no longer able to control it. And then, the beam of various spells can reflect from different types of surfaces or other bits and return to the original point.




Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter Spells

Auto is a spell attracting an item named by him to a magician. To pronounce, it is necessary to say Aktsio Broom or any other thing needed by the wizard. Moreover, you must either name the item or point to it with a magic wand.


This spell allows you to attract objects at any distance; for example, Harry Potter in the Tournament of Three Wizards called his broom from the castle.


Like any spell, Aktsio cannot be cast if it is affected by a counter curse. For example, it was not possible to catch the Crucifix in Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault with the Akzo spell since it was affected by a counterspell.


This spell was studied by Harry Potter and his friends in the 4th year of study at Hogwarts. In the same course, Harry Potter participated in the Three Wizards Tournament, in which he applied the Akzo spell to summon his broom.


The Akzo spell saves the life of Harry Potter when he encounters Voldemort. Harry Potter touched the body of Cedric Digory and, having told Aktsio, returned to the tournament of three wizards. The word comes from the English Accio, which translates as enticing charms.




Reparo is a spell that allows a wizard to repair any damaged item. For example, broken chandeliers, glasses, brooms, and more. Significantly powerful wizards can even restore castles, bridges …


The Reparo spell is studied by Hogwarts students in the first year of study, and at the time of Harry Potter’s training was taught by Professor Flitwick, the subject is called Spells. This spell is mentioned in the books The Course Book of Conspiracies and Spells and Sparo Reparo. Reparo is quite an essential spell in the arsenal of any wizard.


Reparo is the full form of recovery spells. There are also uniform forms such as the Oculus of Reparo and other child forms of the spell. If the breakdown just happened, then you need to name the Reparo spell by pointing to the item, and it will recover almost instantly. And if the item is broken for a long enough time, then you should first name the thing in Latin, for example, Oculus Reparo – spells to restore points.


The main items that wizards restore are tangible items. The spell cannot restore soft objects, such as clothing, skin, feathers, parchment, etc. This spell comes from the Latin word Reparo, which means to update, repair, or you can say repair.


Usage Example: The spell was cast by Harry Potter and Hermione Granger to restore Harry Potter’s wand.

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Crucio (born Cruciatus) – The torture curse. With this spell, Bellatrix Lestrange tortured Neville Longbottom’s parents. Also, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Dark Lord tortured Harry. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Dolores Umbridge wanted to cast this spell on Harry to find out the whereabouts of Sirius and Dumbledore. And also, when Bellatrix Lestrange killed Sirius Black, Harry used Cruciatus on her. In this case, the spell did not work entirely because Potter did not have enough experience.



Point the magic wand at the victim and say: “Cruzio!” (Eng. Crucio!). To use the spell effect, you need to enjoy the pain of the victims.



It comes from the Latin cruciate – “torment, torment”, crucial – “torment, torture.” Crucio – letters. “I’m torturing.” ‘Cruciatus’ from Latin is translated as “Torment”.


Spell victims

Neville Longbottom’s parents Alicia and Frank lost their minds after being tortured by this spell by Bellatrix, Rabastan, and Rudolfus Lestrange, as well as Bartemius Crouch Jr.


Barty Crouch Jr., in the form of the Terrible Eye of Moody during the lesson on Protection from Dark Arts, demonstrated to students the effect of the spell on the spider. To Harry Potter, the Cruciatus spell was applied by Voldemort, who had regained his body.


Cedric Diggory and Fleur Delacour experienced the spell during the third Test of the Three Wizards Tournament, when another champion, Victor Krum, came under the influence of another unforgivable period – Imperius. He cast a spell on Victor Bartemy Crouch Jr., who took the form of the Terrible Eye of Moody. At this time, the Dark Lord Voldemort rises and acquires his body.


Neville Longbottom was tortured by the Bellatrix Lestrange spell in the Department of Secrets. Dolores Umbridge wanted to punish Harry with this spell by catching him in her office. Harry Potter applied this spell to Bellatrix Lestrange, thereby avenging Sirius, but she did not experience any pain, because, according to Bellatrix, you need to really want these spells to work.


For Hermione Granger, the Cruciatus spell was cast by Bellatrix Lestrange during an interrogation at the Malfoy mansion to find out where Hermione, Ron, and Harry had got Godric Gryffindor’s sword. Harry Potter tortures Amykus Carrow by the Cruciatus after he spat in Minerva McGonagall’s face in the living room of Ravenclaw School.


Voldemort tortures Ollivander to learn more about the relationship between his wand and Harry Potter’s wand. Voldemort tortures Harry Potter with Cruciatus at the moment when he pretends to be dead after his alleged sacrifice, but the spell did not work because Voldemort was afraid that it would work.


As punishment for the tricks, the Death Eaters Amicus and Alecto Carrow used Cruciatus.




Alohomora is a spell that allows the mage to enter any room. The Alochomor spell can open any closed keyhole. First mentioned in the first Harry Potter book, Hermione Granger opens a closed door with one of Hagrid’s monsters.


The Alochomor Spell has a counterspell, a spell that prevents the door from opening. For example, the door that led into the secret room could not be opened with this spell. Alohomora is a freshman in Hogwarts.


The “Colloportus” door-closing spell was used by Hermione Granger in part five to close the door from death eaters when they escaped from the Ministry of Magic.


The word “Alohomora” is translated from Taiwan as “good for theft.” But in reality, the spell comes from the Latin phrase alo hoc mora, which literally translates as “I overcome an obstacle.” The second variant of origin is the combination of the Hawaiian aloha  (hello / goodbye) with the Latin mora  (“obstruction”). In fact, many thief wizards resort to this spell when stealing Muggle houses; wizard houses are usually guarded by a counterspell.


Expecto patronum

Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter Spells

The Expecto Patronum is a spell that summons the corporal Patronus – magic that repels dementors. To cast a spell, you must present the happiest memory and cast the spell.

The most challenging thing is to find those happy memories when you are in the vicinity of the Dementors. The only purpose of the spell is to scare the Dementors and other evil forces that the light can be opposed to. Sometimes the Patronus is used to light the way on a journey.

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The spell triggers a unique creature called the Patronus. Almost every wizard has a Patronus in his own way, and naturally, there are magicians in whom he is entirely similar. For example, with Lily Potter and Severus Snape, he was utterly identical, it was a Doe. Externally, the Patronus is an animal of silver material.

There are also different forms of the cartridge, that is, only 2. This is a regular cartridge, which breaks out with a beam of silver light, sometimes creating several waves, depending on the strength of the magician—also a bodily partner in the form of an animal.


Nowhere does it say directly whether James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupine, and Peter Pettigrew had the patrons. But there are indirect indications of this. Firstly, when Harry Potter first managed to call up a body patron during a Quidditch match, Lupine, who taught him, was not only surprised and delighted, he was stunned. And, as Harry remarked, he looked strange.


Harry’s patron probably looked like James’s Patronus. Secondly, Minerva McGonagall has precisely the same Patronus as her antimagic appearance: a tabby cat with “glasses” around her eyes. She sends such patrons to the deans of other faculties before the battle for Hogwarts. This gives the right to assume that in other animagus, patrons take the form of an animal, which turns the wizard. In this case, we must assume that there are still patrons. Although Lupine is a reasonably powerful mage, he does not have a body Patronus.


Imperius is a spell often used by death eaters. The spell came from the English word Imperio, which translates as the curse of sovereignty.


The wizard casting the Imperio spell gains complete control over the opponent’s body. The spell is cast in such a way that the wizard takes aim at the opponent and casts the Imperio spell. After that, the wizard conjured Imperio gets absolute control over someone else’s body. During the execution of the spell, it is necessary to pass to the object a set of instructions on behavior and tasks. In order to transfer new commands to the wizard or Muggle who is under this spell, you need to reapply this spell.


From under this spell, it is not possible to get out, as from under Cruciatus, there is a complete blocking of the will of the victim of the curse. But some wizards are able to resist this magic and ultimately completely resist this spell. So, it is known that Harry Potter, after several classes, was able to completely get rid of the influence of the Imperio spell.


Death Eaters and the dark lord himself loved to enchant the workers of the Ministry of Magic. And thus recognize and control life in the Ministry.

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Wingardium Leviosa

Wingardium of Levios is a Levitation spell that causes an object to fly into the air and soar there. Spells are taught by Hogwarts students as part of the “Spells” course in their first year of study.


When teaching this spell, Professor Flitwick taught “… Cut the air and wave …”, in his book Flitwick wrote that the movement should be relaxed and abrupt. It’s like a wand does it as if it were an extension of the hand.


The spell was first mentioned in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the Spell Lesson of Professor Filius Flitwick. The class was supposed to learn using this spell to make the feather levitate. But out of the whole course, only Hermione Granger did the job. For which she was awarded the words “Real Nightmare” by Ron Weasley.


This was the reason that Hermione, offended, did not go to the Halloween celebration. But locked herself in the ladies’ closet. In the same place where the troll had gone a little later, followed by Harry Potter and Ron Weasley to save her. Harry stuck his wand in the nose of the troll, and Ron Weasley cast the first spell that came across. Wingardium Leviosa. The troll’s club hovered in the air and, after a moment, collapsed on his head.


In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Harry Potter uses the Wingardium of Levios to force a damaged Sirius Black motorcycle to fly after an attack by Voldemort during a flight from the Dursleys.

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