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You have recently approached the world of technology and are working hard to be able to get the right confidence with all the software most used by PC users. Among these, there is, of course, also Word, the famous Microsoft word-processing application, which, however, still represents a big unknown factor for you. In this article, you can know about how to write on the word.

That’s the way it is, isn’t it? So, what if you now take a few minutes of free time and I’ll explain how to write on Word? I guarantee you that everything is easier than you think and that, in a short time, you will learn to master many of the basic functions of the well-known word processing program included in the Microsoft Office suite.

If you are ready to start, I would say to put aside the chatter and immediately take action. The directions below are a bit valid for all editions of the software, so you should find them useful regardless of the version of Office and the operating system you use. Happy reading and good luck with everything!

Tips for writing on Word

Let’s get straight to the topic and see some practical tips for writing on Word. I hope they will help you to understand how to best use the famous Microsoft word processor.

One of the first things you need to learn to do in Word is to paginate and format the text. Unless you want to use one of the many ready-to-use templates made by Microsoft, in fact, you will have to decide how to arrange the text and, more generally, all the other elements you intend to insert in the document; as well as choosing the fonts you intend to use, the font size, the organization of the text and so on.

In this regard, I suggest you choose a font and formatting that are in line with the type of document you want to write: in general, I recommend you almost always avoid extravagant and “showy” fonts and opt for something much more “traditional” (e.g. Calibri, Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman or Courier ).


To change the font of the text, after selecting the latter or before starting to write, go to the Home tab of Word, at the top, and use the buttons and menus in the Font section to make all the necessary changes.

Using the Bold, Italic and Underline buttons, on the other hand, you can make certain portions of the document stand out and “break” the sequence of words a little to facilitate their reading. However, avoid using too much bold, italics and underlining, because otherwise, you risk “tiring” those who read the document.

If you deem it useful, you can emphasize a word or a phrase even by changing the font colour, using the appropriate button in the same section of the toolbar. In any case, keep in mind that the “basic” colour of the text should be black, and only some portions of the document should be coloured (as long as you want to do it).

Under Paragraph, attached to the card home, however, there are buttons that allow you to align text: you can opt for the ‘ left alignment, the’ right alignment, the ‘ center alignment and the’ justified alignment.


By what criteria should you align the text left or right or justify it? Basically, it depends on the type of document you have to write. In general, for “standard” documents, the “classic” alignment on the left is always used, while the one on the right is used more than anything else to enter the addresses of a letter or references starting from the right lateral margin.

The central alignment, however, is usually used for titles (especially on the home page of the document, especially if it is used as a cover). The justified, however, can be used to give greater order to the document.

Also, in the Styles section, you can find very useful tools for typesetting text on Word. As you can see, the default style is the Normal Paragraph. However, if your document is complex and articulated enough. I advise you to organize it in titles and subtitles, using the styles of Title 1, Title 2, etc.

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If you have to insert citations or references within the document you are drafting, you can use the styles you find in the section in question to change the appearance of the text.


The directions I just provided are based on using the desktop version of Word. As you well know. However, there is also a mobile version for Android and iOS / iPadOS: it is free for devices with dimensions equal to or less than 10.1 ″. Otherwise, it requires a subscription to Microsoft 365, which starts from 7 euros/month, and it also allows you to unlock all the functions of the application (not present in the free version).

The operation of the mobile version of Word is quite intuitive. The tablet version has a tabbed interface that follows the desktop faithfully enough (and therefore, you should have no problems using it).

The smartphone version, on the other hand. It allows you to access the various Word tabs by pressing on the A with the arrow at the top and use the menu that appears at the bottom left to navigate between the various tabs. Once the Home tab has been called up. You can use most of the tools just mentioned to paginate and format the text.

For more information on how to paginate on Word, on how to use Word. How to write a Word letter. How to write a Word thesis and how to paginate a Wordbook. I refer you to reading the insights that I have linked to you.

How to write on Word by speaking

Did you come up with this guide with the aim of finding out how to write on Word by speaking? I’ll settle for you right away since the famous word processing application of the Colossus of Redmond also offers this possibility.

  • On Windows 10 – place the cursor in the area where you want to insert the text. Press the Win + H keys simultaneously and start talking to dictate the text (the Win key is the one with the Windows flag). At the end of the operation, say the word “End” to stop the vocal dictation.
  • On macOS – open System Preferences (the gear icon located on the Dock bar). Go to Keyboard> Dictation. Make sure you’ve ticked the Yes box and click the Enable dictation button. Finally, put a checkmark on the Use improved dictation box to improve voice recognition and wait for the download of the file necessary to take advantage of this feature to be completed. Then go to Word, position the cursor in the area where you want to insert the text. Press the Fn key on the keyboard twice in succession and. When you see the microphone appear, start talking. To stop the dictation. Click on the End button attached to the microphone icon itself.


If you use the version of Word included in the Microsoft 365 plan. You can take advantage of the integrated dictation function. Go to the Home tab and click on the Dictation button located at the top right.

Suppose you use the version of Word for Android. You can take advantage of the voice dictation function on the Google keyboard (which is installed “as standard” on many devices and which can also be installed from the Play Store ). If you use Word on iOS / iPad OS, you can take advantage of the voice dictation function integrated into the iPhone and iPad keyboard. More info here.

How to write powers on Word

Are you interested in writing the powers on Word? No problem, it is disarming simplicity. On a computer, write the numbers to be used as a base and exponent of the power side by side (e.g. 52 to get 5 2 ). Select the exponent, click on the X 2 button located in the Home tab. At the top left And that’s it. Suppose you are a lover of keyboard combinations. You can do this by pressing the Ctrl and + keys.

If you use the Android or iOS / iPad version of Word. Instead. Do as follows: from a smartphone, you must select the number to be raised to a power. Press on the A with the pencil (top right). Select the Home tab from the menu in the bottom left. After pressing on the Other formatting item, tap the Apex icon.

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On tablets, you must select the number to be converted to the superscript (therefore, to be used as a power exponent). Press the A … a button located on the Home tab and select the Superscript item in the opened menu. More info here.

How to write a fraction on Word

To write a fraction on Word, go to the Insert tab. Click on the arrow next to the wording Equation and select the entry Insert new equation. Now, click on the Fraction button. Select the type of fraction you want to add on Word. Write it inside the box that appears on the screen in the horizontal format (e.g. 3/4 ) and enters on the keyboard to complete the procedure.


On Android and iOS / iPadOS, instead, go to the Insert tab (on the smartphone version, you have to press on the A with the pencil located at the top and select the Insert tab from the menu that appeared at the bottom left). Then, select the Equation item, write the fraction in the horizontal format (e.g. 2/8 ) and press the Enter button on the right of the keyboard of the device in use.

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How to write on Word in two columns

Do you want to arrange the text in two columns, rather than in a “single-block”? Very easy. To write on Word in two columns, went to the Layout tab, click on the Columns item (top left) and, in the opened menu, select the Two items. In this way, when you reach the end of the sheet (in the first column). You can continue writing in the second column and so on for all the pages of the document. Simple, right?


A similar operation can also be performed from the Word app for Android or iOS / iPadOS. The difference that on smartphones, you need to reach the Layout tab by pressing the A icon with the pencil placed at the top and select it via the menu that appears lower left.


How to write on Word with the pen

Do you want to write on Word with the pen? In this case, you need a computer equipped with a touch display. A graphics tablet or a smartphone or tablet and a pen/pencil suitable for the devices in question.


After having obtained the necessary and after having combined the input tool (in the case of an active capacitive pen) with the device in use, you must call up the special Word function that allows you to do this.


From a computer, then click on the Drawing tab (if you don’t see it, activate it by going to the File menu > Options> Customize the ribbon> Drawing ), select one of the available tools (e.g. pen, pencil, highlighter, etc.) and write on the area of ​​your interest.


A similar function is also available on Android or iOS / iPadOS. You can find an example of how to use the function in question on the move. Take a look at this other guide. Where specifically, I show you how to draw a conceptual map by hand.



How to write vertically on Word

If, for some reason, you need to write vertically on Word, know that you can do this too. To do this, go to the Insert tab and click on the items Text Box> Vertical Text Box.


In doing so, the text you enter in the text box appearing on the screen will be automatically oriented vertically. I would also like to point out the possibility of manually rotating a text box currently oriented horizontally. Just click on the arrow icon rolled upon itself (at the top of the text box) and perform the rotation.



Similar operations are also feasible from the Word app for Android and iOS / iPad. Just go to the Insert tab (from your smartphone, you must first press on the A with the pencil at the top and select the tab in question from the menu that appeared at the bottom). Add the vertical text box. In a similar way to what I showed you a moment ago.

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