Top 5 things to Experience in Ontario Canada

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The world is striking mirage of colorful surroundings with urbane architecture and historical wonders all fused to bring excitement for travelers.

With plenty of room to share, Canada always welcomes travelers and tourists alike. It is truly a treasure chest for those who adore traveling and are interested to seek new adventures. If you are one of those people who just love the idea of being carefree like a bird, it is time to set alight to the most popular province in demand, Ontario.

Why Ontario, Canada?

Among the thirteen provinces, it turns out one province takes the crown above all, namely Ontario.


The places you get to visit once step on the land of mighty wonders will leave you wanting for more. Not to forget, Toronto, the financial capital, is a city you probably do not want to miss at all! Ontario is like a spokesperson for the hub of various activities.  It features a dynamic range of geographical landmarks including parks, forests, cute little towns and big city giants with extremely popular restaurants to try, it’s the best location to visit.

For a first time visitor, Ontario is a more than a perfect place to start. So when you do plan to travel here, remember to pack your luggage the size of the province itself (it’s huge!) and keep the weather in check before you unleash your closet.

Things to Experience in Ontario Canada

Not sure where to begin with? Don’t worry! We have jotted down the 5 most exceptional experiences to have in Ontario, Canada.

  1. Begin with the capital, Ottawa
    Yes, Toronto is famous by all means but how can we forget to visit Ottawa, the capital city? It’s a real crime to ignore the beloved charming city which is a separate league on its own. If you are looking for something not too flashy or not too conventional, Ottawa is the right city for you to begin your independent tour.

    What makes Ottawa so exciting is a striking contrast of the gothic architecture of parliament building with a formal historical structure of the Chateau Laurier. Even if you plan a budget traveling, it will come as a happy surprise to you to know that Ottawa is affordable and at most times free too!

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    Rideau Canal – a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a prime activity for the virgin traveler along with a visit to the beguiling Byward Market (if you are looking for a cheap option). Besides this, you can always take a tour of museums and famous galleries (like the National Gallery of Canada, etc.) and learn a lot about historical facts.

    But if you are a nerdy traveler, hiking, camping or a quiet walk at Gatineau will do the trick for you.

  2. Wine tasting anyone?
    Contrary to the popular belief, Spain is the best local producer of wine, turns out Ontario, Canada’s wine production surpasses wine production in Spain. Wine tasting is a feat every traveler must enjoy. The delicious nectar conversion to wine is a wholesome process and Ontario’s wineries are set in the countryside, with a friendly air for travelers and locals alike.

    You will come to appreciate the experience of wine tasting and a proper tour of wineries and vineyards. So if you are looking to find out more about Ontario, do it the wine way!

    With a plethora of wine regions, Niagara Region outdates other wine regions like Languedoc or Provence in France and is quite popular in demand. Due to its proximity to Niagara Falls, people love to come here, spend quiet but quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the fall.

    But if you want to have varying experience, you can experience a visit to Prince Edward County or even Pelee Island. The wine tours are simply delicious!

  3. Take a hike
    All good things are wild and free. And so is a hike. Ontario packs a full blast of natural beauty with a lot of room to hike and camp. Elevated landscapes, tyrant lakes, rugged cliffs, fairy meadows, enchanted forests, etc. just adds to the beauty of the land.

    City life in Ontario is pretty hectic, so it’s a welcome break for all to hike on the well-known mountainous western Canada. When nature is just on the bend from Toronto, you can visit the mountains or the eco-friendly forests, follow a hiking trail and set to an adventure of your time. For instance, Rouge National Urban Park is an ideal campsite featuring hiking trails, or you can even test your biking skills.

    Bruce Trail (one of the oldest hike trail) and Waterfront Trail along the Lake Ontario is a well-connected passage for anyone who wants to visit the campsites.

  4. Small towns are a charm
    Of course, Ontario has wonderful cities you can visit anytime you want and perfect entertainment centers, shopping districts, but nothing can take away the charm of experiencing small towns. If you have watched old medieval movies, you’ll find one common thing in all movie sets i.e. the charming stone-walled towns.

    These towns are unique; each with its personality is like a siren call. If you want to have a true experience other than hustling cities, a visit to small towns will excite you nonetheless. You can even accommodate your stay at Millcroft Inn, in the hills of Caledon, or book a room at a vintage hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake!

    These historical accommodations are rather intimidating for a traveler. So you better make up your mind before spending a quality night. Village sides like Elora, alongside Grand River, offer a beautiful view of stonework (most buildings are renovated) and you can enjoy a customary breakfast or lunch at restaurants. Besides Elora, do pay a visit to Dundas, as it offers a splendid view from the lakeside.

  5. Experience Toronto
    Toronto indeed is the biggest attraction of all. The best way to discover the land is to travel on Toronto Airport Limo, as they are reasonable and customer-friendly rides. You can hitch a ride to Lake Ontario to spend quality assured time under the sun having a remarkably fun experience of canoeing, diving or water sports!

    Add to take a tour of CN Tower, one of the most revered city skylines to ever exist in Canada. With a lot of ground to cover, you can score a visit to neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Kensington Market, which resonates with the diverse culture of Toronto.

    Or you can also pay respects to the campus grounds of the University of Toronto and take a tour of a 19th CE renovated residential areas for students. Yes, it’s pretty exciting to hop around Toronto. Also, add a list of museums and restaurants you want to try during your visit. Once your tummy is filled up, you can book a reasonable airport taxi to accommodate your traveling spree either to an amusement park or spa, the choice is yours. 
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Ontario is an exciting bundle of cultured cities and towns. You can roam lots of places and experience astonishing landscapes. The best way to experience all of the fun is when you have the option to book yourself an airport limo without worrying for travel arrangements alongside friends and family or if you are a loner, solo traveling might just be the thing for you.