Why small businesses need Malbytes too?

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Why should a small business or a startup dealing with a couple of clients invest in the best anti-malware software like Malbytes? It is essential to keep businesses away from cyberattacks, but is a small business a target for such attacks?

Avoid attacks with Malbytes

According to a study, more than 60% of the small businesses that have fallen victim to some form of cyberattack would fall out of the market within six months. One such attack is malware, which is a collective term for any malicious code or program.

When an attacker hacks into your system, he would either look to extract money in terms of ransom or sell your data for money. Either way, the hacker steals the data and shuts your system. You would lose the data and also will not be able to conduct your business. How about a scenario where the hacker extracted your customer data to sell it to your competitors? You will soon be out of business.

Malbytes reduces data breach in small businesses

According to the Verizon Data Breach Report of 2019, 43% of the total data breaches come from small businesses. This information proves that either small businesses are too shabby in protecting data breaches or the attackers are finding too many breach points. However, small businesses’ data is profitable enough for attackers to hack into your system.

Unlike large enterprises, small businesses cannot control the use of personal devices, drives, and others. Thus, even an unsuspecting employee opening an infected email in his device through the office network would be a trigger point for the attack. Do you want to reduce the breach points and avoid data leakage? It is time to install Malbytes.

Malbytes improves brand reputation

A small business needs to compete with both large enterprises and companies of its level. The best way to stay afloat in this market is through better customer loyalty and business partnership. When a company plans to partner with your business or any B2B transaction, the data security features are imperative. A company would think twice to share intelligent information with you if you have a high risk of data breach and attack. Thus, having an updated anti-malware solution like Malbytes would improve your brand reputation.

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Avoid losing money in lawsuits

The data collection might be from your software by your employees. However, each byte of customer data belongs to your customers. Any breach in the data could lead to a lawsuit or other legal problems. It is a costly option to try to settle it out-of-court or choose to fight in the court. And, a lawsuit does not go well with your reputation either.

Will any anti-malware solution suffice?

The budget is where most of the small businesses make a blunder mistake. They believe that the company is not precisely able to spend an excessive amount of money on defense, so they pick some random anti-malware from the internet, preferably a free one. It is not essential to choose the most-premium solution in the market. However, it would help if you chose a solution with frequent upgrades, better UI, easy usage, and a high reputation, like Malbytes.

Does a startup or a freelancer need anti-malware?

Does your business own or require a computed connected with the internet? Do you open emails, pages, download attachments, and perform other basic online activities? If yes, you need an anti-malware solution. The need for an anti-malware solution does not depend on your business’s size or the revenue generated by it. However, the sophistication of the software depends on the number of users accessing the data.

When should you install an anti-malware?

In most cases, there is no point in installing Malbytes or any anti-malware software after the attack. It is imperative to install one right before you start using the device. It will help you avoid any attack through your network. Beyond anti-malware, you also need antivirus and firewall software. The solution you choose should avoid attacks, identify malware, quarantine them, and remove.
Installing an anti-malware is not a one-time process for any business. The software needs regular updates to keep up with the growing security threats. Every day, new types of attacks are originating from different parts of the world. The anti-malware developers are creating modules to counter-attack such threats. Thus, it is essential to update your security.

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What should small businesses do beyond anti-malware?

It is an excellent step to start by installing anti-malware software. However, it is not the only step that one should take. Employee training is essential. Even the best anti-malware cannot stop data breaches if your employee unknowingly shares sensitive information on the internet. The team training should focus on a better understanding of internet safety, data security, suspicious emails, phishing links, and more.

What to do in case of a malware attack?

Say your company is under a malware attack, and your antivirus does not have anti-malware feature. Remove the other devices from the internet instantly. Install the anti-malware software in the infected device and immediately remove it from the internet. This process will stop the malware spread to other devices. Please switch off the system and restart it in safe mode.
While in safe mode, do not try to log into any of the accounts. Run the anti-malware software and try to remove it. If the software cannot remove the threat entirely or if your system is in attack even with anti-malware software, it is time to call the professionals. The professionals would identify the source of the breach, isolate it from the other devices, and successfully remove it.
Apart from using best anti-malware solutions like Malbytes, it is also important to update your devices. Outdated software or OS could be an easy target for any attacker. Your business might be small, but its data is important, and you are as vulnerable to attacks as a large enterprise.

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