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Almost half of 2020 has already passed, and we are slowly approaching a decade since the release of Fable 3. Even though Fable is one of the most famous Microsoft series, Fable 4 has not received the fourth part, but on the eve of the release of a new generation of consoles in the person of Xbox Series X, fans are hoping things can change.

The developers of Fable, studio Lionhead, decided to put themselves to the test in the increasingly popular online game-as-a-service format with a new game called Fable Legends.

But everything turned out to be wrong. In early 2017, Phil Spencer brought back hope to fans by saying that the series is not really dead and still has a lot to go. Later, there were reports that Playground Games, the developers of the Xbox-exclusive Forza series, were working on the fourth installment of Fable, which would return the series to its former glory.

The alleged leak about Fable 4 on Reddit in June 2019 also added fuel to the fire. And although after her nothing was clarified, she captured the imagination of fans anyway. Playground Games’ Fable 4 was announced at the Xbox Games Showcase in July 2020, and while the game is likely to be out for a while, we at least know for sure it’s in development.

In this article, we’ve compiled everything we know from Fable 4 news and rumors.

News and Rumors

Below we have collected all the most famous rumors and news, but you should not blindly take them for granted – keep in mind that some of them are already several years old. We left them here to show you the entire waiting process for Fable 4. Hopefully, it will be worth it.

What’s the leak?

Let’s take a look at what exactly we understood from last year’s leak. Albion is destroyed by an asteroid that appeared thanks to the desire of the Mad King, who took control of the Spire – the very tower from Fable 2, which fulfills one wish. Therefore, we seem to have the opportunity to travel in time. To save the tower … Probably.

Teresa and the Guild have taken refuge on another planet, but you can get there using the demonic door. You can also ignore this storyline and not become a hero at all. We will have the opportunity to build our cities in a completely open world, which is closely related to the main storyline. And, like, a good character editor will appear.

There will be no pistols in Fable 4. And, and most importantly. It remains only to see how it will work.

Perhaps for some, this information will not come as a surprise. Especially considering that back in January 2018, Eurogamer journalists were able to find out that the next part of Fable is indeed in development.

And it is not the revived Lionhead that is working on it, but PlayGround Games, the authors of the Forza racing series. In the same year, they opened an additional development office;

New Generation

Microsoft has announced its next-gen console, Xbox Series X, with an estimated launch interval for “Christmas 2020”. Naturally, players are interested in what games the company is going to present on a new, better platform.

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Xbox was scheduled to attend E3 2020 – according to a January tweet from Phil Spencer. This year was supposed to be a “landmark” year for the company in terms of unveiling plans related to the launch of the Xbox Series X – but due to the coronavirus pandemic. The exhibition was canceled, and it is not yet clear when.

Attracting Screen Writers

Suppose the rumors that Playground Games are working on the next part of Fable are true. Then in terms of the game’s plot, there is a reason for optimism.

There is no official confirmation yet that the RPG project Playground Games is Fable 4. If so, the work of the authors of Arkham Knight promises a great storyline.

Leaked on Reddit

Its content was based on an already deleted video (we ourselves did not see it) about several key details of the fourth part: the possibility of playing from the first and third person. Character creation with detailed characteristics, no firearms. The ability to ignore the main storyline and build cities. As well as multiplayer and Unreal Engine 4. Quite a bit of.

But even if this is not enough to turn your head. Then from the leak, it became known about two more points. Firstly, Albion (where the action of the previous parts of the series takes place) may no longer exist. And various worlds and planets will be available. How to get to them? An element of time travel through the Demon Door is possible here.

Of course, this is a significant departure from previous games in the series, but it looks very ambitious and exciting. In addition, given the huge time gaps in the game chronology of the previous installments, we expected nothing less. Jumping several centuries into the future, when time travel is already open, would be very logical.

However, this is just a new idea based on old trends in the game’s development. Perhaps we will return to the era of the first part of the game, but with the possibility of time travel? Of course, these are just guesses, but it’s fun to think about where the game will take us next time.

What do we want from Fable 4?

The epic yet more personal combat system

Although the combat system in the first installments of the series is quite fun and interesting, in the next game, we would like to have something more serious. It is worth making opponents more interesting and more dangerous. Give the player more time to prepare before major encounters to make this fight really feel special. This will make the fights more varied and give the player a sense that the decisions made do matter.

This, of course, can affect how many opponents you have.

Well, it would be nice to add more weapons. The main focus in the series has always been on swords and bows. Maybe in this part, there will be something else for close combat. Give us staves or spears or something. Or anything new that we can beat the bad guys with. You are welcome.

Peter Molyneux on Fable 4

Although Peter Molyneux is not working on Fable 4, there are rumors that the next installment has made it to him, and in his interview with IGN, he made a number of comments about how he would like to see it and what he regrets in previous games.

It would be the perfect setting for Fable 4, the lands of Albion would be much less developed, magic would be closer to nature, and combat would be much more brutal. The story could tell about the founders of the guild of heroes and the reasons for its creation. ”

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Finally, he wants to see a more organic system of character development and morale, where players will determine their worldview through actions, rather than just choosing a class at the beginning of the game. Do you steal and hide a lot? You will quickly become famous as a thief.

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Eurogamer message

In January 2018, Eurogamer announced that, according to information from sources close to the project, work is underway on a new high-budget game in the Fable series. This news came less than two years after Lionhead Studios closed, and according to it, the British studio Playground Games, known for the Forza Horizon series, became the new game developer.

More than 200 people were reported to have recruited a team despite the fact that development was “at a very early stage.” The game in question is an open-world action RPG centered on story and characters, very much like Lionhead’s vision.

Leaked Xbox Live API

Even before Eurogamer reported in early January 2018, there was a leak on the Xbox Live API that a UK studio was working on a Fable series project, codenamed Wisdom.

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Lionhead tweet

After a while, former Lionhead Lead Programmer Don Williamson tweeted that he found out which studio was working on Fable 4 and called the choice interesting. The tweet was deleted soon after, but the information was already published by WCCFTech.

When asked if the studio was located in Brighton, Williamson replied that there were no studios large enough for such a project. Knowing about the leak from the Xbox Live API. I  t can be assumed that the journalists guessed that Playground Games was working on Fable. And the news of recruiting for an AAA-level open-world RPG fits well with that suspicion. Finally, the “interesting” choice could be called because the developers became famous primarily for Forza Horizon and had never worked on an open-world RPG before.

Phil Spencer’s tweet

The very first signal that the Fable series might one day back come from Phil Spencer himself on the Xbox. In early 2017. He tweeted that the series could “go a lot,” though Microsoft has nothing to tell.

This announcement has not received much development. But added additional reasoning to reports that appeared after the closure of Lionhead that Microsoft refused to sell the studio because it wanted to retain the rights to Fable.

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It is considering that we do not have the same abilities as the soothsayer Teresa from the previous parts of the series. It will be rather difficult to name a definite release date for the game.

Microsoft is unlikely to release a new Fable earlier. So with a fair amount of skepticism analyzing everything we know. Then not earlier. Then for 2021 and the end of 2020 would be a very optimistic assumption.

We wait and hope

The very thought of returning Fable is reassuring, and given the criticism of Microsoft for its failed Xbox exclusives, it makes perfect sense for the company to revive one of its most beloved worlds.

However, it is worth remembering the main thing – all information is still unofficial. But we hope that everything will change very soon. We will find out more details and see the official announcement.  Be that as it may, there is still a long time to wait for the release of Fable 4. And in the meantime, you can take a look at other best RPGs for Xbox One.

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