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The second nomination in the rating of the best action games for PC, according to Expertology, is dedicated to a subgenre, which, according to the mistaken opinions of many, has long remained in the 90s. It’s about fighting games. That very one-on-one (or in other formats) battles, where the personal physical qualities of the character and the extraordinary data of the player himself are important – agility, reaction, the ability to predict the actions of the enemy, and quickly respond to them. In this article, we will show you the best fighting games for PC in 2020.

In general, here we are dealing with activity in the most that neither is the classical sense. If someone from the “old school” laments the “that very” Mortal Kombat, then in vain. Now there are relatively modern and decent games in this genre, but with completely different graphics, special effects, and opportunities for the player and character. In this article, we will show you the best fighting games for PC in 2020.

Best Fighting Games for PC

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Best Fighting Games for PC

SoulCalibur 6

And the first number in the category of fighting games we will consider an exciting product of the Japanese studio Project Soul – the sixth game in the SoulCalibur series. For those who are new to the game, SoulCalibur 6 offers the player not tedious hand-to-hand combat, but fierce battles on anything: swords, poles, spears, daggers, sabers, axes, nunchaku, and more. All this takes place in the context of both realistic and unique moving lists. At the same time, there are many heroes, as well as areas where they have to fight. Colorful graphics, spectacular camera angles, extremely attractive outwardly characters (regardless of gender) – all this will delight the new player.

For those who have already dealt with the previous installments, SoulCalibur 6 will prove to be the de facto restart of the franchise in the right way. The game has retained the “general line” and its sound traditions, while acquiring useful and pleasant features of modern games – we recall that more than six years have passed since the release of the fifth.

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Also, your heroes can be designed from scratch, creating their appearance, characteristics, available weapons, and fighting styles. This feature is especially useful for the multiplayer mode, which SoulCalibur 6 has in addition to the story campaigns. Read this full article. You will learn about the best-fighting games for pc. A separate “trick” is the presence of a guest character – Geralt of Rivia – the hero of The Witcher series of games.

It is also worth adding that in the sixth game, there were also new elements of combat mechanics – new types of blocks, counterattacks, hero enhancements, and something else useful and unique. What upsets the game is that in some places, it is still primitive graphics from a sample of ten years ago. Fortunately, not everywhere. It is known that the sixth part of SoulCalibur was generally questionable since the developer studio barely persuaded potential publishers from Namco Bandai to cooperate and release the project. So, the budget deficit is quite noticeable in some places. However, for connoisseurs of the genre, SoulCalibur 6 still became a balm for the soul.

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend

The second number in the nomination of fighting games in our rating is something special. This is the last, so far, game from the BlazBlue series. The developer and publisher is the Japanese studio Arc System Works, which once created Guilty Gear. And there are plenty of unique things in this game, but let’s talk about everything in order. Firstly, it should be noted the style, since it is she who mainly sets the tone. It is, as some call it, a “twisted-eyed anime.” Yes, exactly, the game is made in this style – there are a lot of girls in skirts, boys in camisoles and other Japanese clothes, so the “hikkans” of all nationalities will be delighted.

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Secondly, the game in terms of “pictures” is incredibly beautiful. All this looks like a colorful Japanese cartoon, impressive with the appearance of characters, locations, special effects (if this term is generally applicable to video games), entourage, the heat of passion, and something else. This “something” is probably an unprecedented plot of the game for fighting games. Here it is necessary to make a small digression and say that the very first game in the series – Calamity Trigger – literally set a record among fighting games for the number of plot inserts, and especially endings, which, in addition, were revealed only in case of losses.

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This is the most memorable Calamity Trigger. In Chronophantasma Extend, the plot component is significantly reduced, but this only benefited the game, since not everyone wants to delve into the intricacies of what the scriptwriters have done. There are only three storylines in the game, but the creators have preserved the general principles completely – the characters are incredibly stylish, bright, and charismatic. Each of them is an individual with its personality.

Hence the reasons for everything that happens. Those who play the game, in particular, will be able to easily immerse themselves in the world of BlazBlue, studying chronology, history, going through not only previous direct games, but also spin-offs, of which a huge number of them have bred. Chronophantasma Extend is highly recommended for anyone looking to experience a truly fast, dynamic, and incredibly colorful arcade game. Not long after the release, the western press was flooded with rave reviews, the gaming community was also unanimous in the most positive impressions, and the ratings of critics were outrageous. And all this against the background of a rather depressive state of the genre as a whole.

Streetfighter v arcade edition

Next in the nomination of fighting games of the rating of the best action games for PC, according to Expertology, is a very controversial, but still noteworthy game for connoisseurs of the genre. Immediately after the release of the fifth Street Fighter, absolutely everyone scolded, and still, there was something. Two years later, the Arcade Edition was released. Which solved the most difficult gaps in the product, but the game continued to be criticized … at the same time recommending it.

We will do the same, if only for the sake of objectivity.  The essence of the game lies in the name – Street Fighter. But, of course, this is not GTA, and the “streets” themselves there is a very conditional concept. It is the battles of the fighters – hand-to-hand, or with the use of a variety of devices, of paramount importance.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is replete with colorful characters, an abundance of dexterous techniques, spectacular plans. In general, everything that modern fighting games might like.  Which, although not from the beginning of the release, still, thank God, has worked.

We do not consider the first release at all. Since it was such a crude product that it is generally not clear how Capcom managed to release it in this form. I think Street Fighter V best fighting games for pc. The Arcade Edition also has enough technical problems, but its developers are forced to patch up under pressure from angry fans. It’s no joke – an esports discipline after all. The game is still under the scrutiny of fans, who do not let the developers go down for all the technical imperfections, down to the smallest detail. But it’s worth playing, especially since there are plenty of people who want to fight around the world. Street Fighter V has a very decent community.

Mortal kombat x

Even if we wanted to, we could not ignore it. Nothing original – a living legend made famous by Mortal Kombat. But, of course, its revived in 2015, the modern version of Mortal Kombat X. The original face of the game is the story mode. Events unfold 25 years after “that very” Tournament. Old characters have become old because although they are powerful, they are still people.

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But they are still quite capable of giving pepper to opponents, among whom will be found their former ones, turned by evil magic to the dark side. The leader of all the bad ones, Shinnok, continues to try to escape from his dark kingdom. There you don’t expect anything good. Scorpio and Sabziro also did not go anywhere with their motives. The developers brought in a decent number of newcomers to the game.

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The scale of the whole action also increased. The player is constantly moving between locations, which forces him to look at all these epic events from different points of view and taking into account different opinions. A faction system has also appeared. From the very beginning, the player will have to choose which side he will play for. Yes, and another important point – two-on-two fights have been abolished. The creators were afraid to break their brains with balancing, and with such an “elegant” step, they solved the problem.

We will not delve further into the specifics and terminology (all sorts of fatalities, brutalities, and other -qualities, what they are, and how to perform them). Here the beginner will need to decently study the materiel. Let’s just say that there is still complete order with blood and other dismemberment, despite the serious claims of moralists to this particular game series. In general, this “folk fight,” of course, was a success.  In any case, Mortal Kombat X is a powerful event in the game world. He simply has no worthy competitors now.


The category opens with the exciting and super popular indie sandbox Terraria. In general, everything here is like in an ordinary sandbox – you need to explore the world, build structures. Collect useful items, avoid useless ones, fight monsters.  Many reviewers even draw direct parallels with the “great and mighty” Minecraft. They say the game is very close to it in spirit, but only in 2D and with its personality.

At the very beginning of the game, the character receives a minimum set of three tools. With them, he begins to extract his first resources.  In some cases, you will need to tinker with opening the chest. By tradition, some bonuses drop directly from the killed enemy. Having crafted resources, the main character can create equipment and any other new items possible. There is definitely where to take a walk in the game – there are more than 150 types of enemies here. The number of items goes into thousands. Some NPCs unlock upon reaching certain goals.

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As for the number of crafting recipes, it is generally huge – several times more than even in Minecraft. But the manufacturing process is simpler. Before starting the game, you can customize your character and choose the level to which he will go.

At the very beginning, you will be accompanied by a guide, from whom you can inquire about the basics. But in general, it is better to read at least some manuals at first. Otherwise, you may simply not understand anything in the game. Terraria is one of the best fighting games for pc. And one more important point is multiplayer. Here he is present and plays an important role when you have to go down very deep underground. Where there are a lot of monsters, and it is almost impossible to deal with them alone. In this case, playing in a warm company will help you achieve higher and more interesting results. ADVANTAGES unique and interesting worlds; a huge number of recipes and ease of crafting; live multiplayer; pixelated, but eye-pleasing graphics.

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