Harry Potter Spells List (Part-2)

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Harry Potter Spells List (Part-2)

Petrificus Totalus

Petrificus Totalus is a spell that completely paralyzes an adversary. The spelling process itself takes place in the following form: a person loses control over his body, but before that, his hands are closed along the body, a person falls to the ground. The spell is fully described in the book of Vindictus Viridian “How to send a curse and defend yourself if the curse has been sent to you.”

This spell does no harm to opponents or just dueling opponents, but immobilizes them. This is the meaning of this spell, immobilize and not harm your opponent. Petrifikus Totalus is called children’s magic. Adult wizards do not use it often, usually only if they do not want to injure or kill an opponent.

For the first time, Harry Potter saw the use of the Petrificicus Totalus spell in the first part of a book or film, Hermione Granger used it on Neville Longbottom. Then Neville, as it should have, having gathered his hands back on his back, fell to the floor, after which he was awarded an award from Director Albus Doubledor for this act.


During the wanderings of Harry Potter and his friends, they often used the Petrificicus Totalus spells against death eaters to search for the Horrors. In turn, it was used by members of the Order of the Phoenix.


Order to remove the spell, you can just wait a while, as it weakens over time and frees a paralyzed person. In other cases, you can apply Finite’s typical counter-spell.



Protego is a protection spell from any kind of attack from other magic spells and natural disasters. The period is significant for any wizard who decides to take a trip to dangerous places. The time it takes to learn this spell at Hogwarts is unknown, but Harry Potter taught Dumbledore Squad this magic in part five.


The spell has several modes. Starting from the usual one, which is called by a simple stretch of “Protego”. Finishing the top form of protection of “Protego Maxim.”


The spell, in its usual form, is often used in duels. For example, adult wizards train with each other. The top form of defense is used during battles or when protecting from more formidable spells or mythical creatures.


Wizards can use this spell in conjunction with other wizards, so the power of the attack increases many times, depending on the power of the mages.

The most massive spell, “Protego Maxim,” was created by Hogwarts teachers and the remnants of the Order of the Phoenix. This spell could not be removed or disarmed by all death eaters at the same time. Voldemort was able to pull this barrier with an elderberry wand, which opened the way to Hogwarts.



The impediment is a spell that slows objects or objects, stopping them for a certain period. It affects objects or objects deafening, is used not only to discourage opponents in a duel but also for peaceful purposes. The impediment is one of the harry potter spells. When hit by an enemy, knocks him down, and blocks movement for some time, preventing him from moving, there were cases when other magic was immediately applied, and the enchanted could immediately move.

Used by Harry Potter during the Three Wizards Tournament, and already in his fifth year of training, he teaches him the entire composition of the Dumbledore Squad. In the various skirmishes of Harry Potter and his friends against the Death Eaters, they used a spell often. Also known as a case from Severus Snow’s recollections when James Potter attacked him from behind using the Impediment spell, after which he applied the Wingardium Levios spell.



Avis is a spell that allows a wizard to conjure living birds; this spell is very complicated. It takes an extended practice for the wizard to apply the Avis spell. For example, Ron was never able to learn this magic for his 6th year at Hogwarts.

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The word Avis comes from the Latin Avis, which translates as a bird. This word is also often found in other European languages.


This spell is being studied by sixth-year Hogwarts students.


This spell checks the condition of the magic wands of the Three Wizards tournament participants. Also, in her sixth year of study, Hermione Granger sent birds conjured by an Avis spell on Ron.



Aguamenti is a spell that allows you to materialize water. This spell can be performed after casting the Aguamenti spell. Water begins to set from the index part of the wand. Also, this spell can be applied verbally, that is, without pronouncing words.


This spell was first mentioned in the Goblet of Fire, when a representative of the French magic academy, Fleur Delacour, used it to put out her skirt. The spell is also called Aquamation.


The spell is studied by Hogwarts students in their sixth year of study. Harry Potter and his friends studied this spell with Professor Flitwick. In the half-blood prince Harry Potter, the Aguamenti spell materializes water, but other spells cast by the Dark Lord do not allow it to be received.


Oculus Reparo

The Oculus of Reparo is a harry potter spells that were used only in the film; it does not appear in the book. The spell was created with permission from the author of the books, Joan Rowling. The Oculus Reparo spell refers to the healing spells of Reparo, as the Oculus Reparo restores damaged glasses.

Thus, after casting a spell, broken glasses are restored to working condition. The spell was applied twice and only by Hermione Granger. She retrieved the broken Harry Potter glasses on a train en route to Hogwarts, as well as on Diagon Alley.


The etymology of the spell is completely connected with Reparo, but it is more focused on the restoration of points. The new part is only the word Oculus, which in Latin means eyes.




Levicorpus (from English Levicorpus) – a non-verbal spell coined during the study of James Potter, suspends the enemy upside down until the spell is terminated. First used in the school years of Harry’s parents (mentioned in Snape’s memoirs in the Order of the Phoenix), James Potter used it against Snape in high school, hanging him for fun in front of his friends around Hogwarts. In the fourth book, the Death Eaters, having fun, used this Muggle spell immediately after the Quidditch World Cup. Harry first tested this spell on Ron when he hung him upside down. She also used Polumna Lovegood in the mystery department in her fifth year of study when she was attacked by the Death Eater (only in the film). In the seventh book, Hermione uses this spell on Harry during the robbery of Gringotts. Counterspell – Liberal Corpus. The counter-spell was invented by Severus Snape.



Diffindo is a kind of scissor’s spell. The Diffindo spell is used to cut a hard object, but it should not be too strong. Diffindo was used by Harry Potter in the Deathly Hallows to destroy ice on the surface of the lake in order to draw Godric Gryffindor’s sword, which was sent to the bottom of the lake by Severus Snow, probably he also used this spell. For harder objects, the Bombard or Reducto exploding spell is more suitable. Diffindo was also used by Harry Potter to replace the covers of potion textbooks when he wanted to keep the Half-Blood Prince textbook (from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince). It is found in several games for cutting bushes and branches.



Colloportus (Colloportus) is a harry potter spells that seal the door of any room. After applying the Colloportus spell, the door cannot be opened by any means known to Muggles. But it can be opened by applying the alochomor spell.


The Colloportus spell is studied by Hogwarts students in their first year in the subject of Spells, taught by Professor Flitwick. Colloportus belongs to the sealing spell, which in the book “The Course Book of Conspiracies and Spells” is devoted to a whole chapter.

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For the first time, Harry Potter and his friends were confronted with the first-year Colloportus spell when they tried to open the door leading to the Cannon room.


The spell was often used to shut out what was to be shown only to important people. And it is not uncommon for a spell to be used for protection from muggles, since they simply cannot open such doors.


Colloportus consists of two words: “collo-” and “Portus.” The first prefix comes from the Latin word colligo or the Greek word, which means “glue, glue” (hence the “colloid”). The second word of Latin origin, translated into Russian, means “door.”




Glacius is special freezing harry potter spells from the game Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In books or films about Harry Potter, this spell is not used. It was probably invented to freeze liquids in the third part of the game about the wizard. With this spell, Harry Potter freezes the water and rolls down the ice. Water is frozen in a spiral form. Also, the Glacius spell is used against fire salamanders. Glacius allows you to freeze themselves and the bonfires from which the Salamander emerges.

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Diffindo is a devastating Harry Potter spell. It is also commonly called a scissor spell, that is, a kind of application instead of scissors. The spell belongs to the destructive spell and is studied by students of Hogwarts in the first year of study.


The Diffindo spell comes from the Latin word diffindo, which means “destroy,” “break.”


This spell is mentioned in books and games. In books, the spell is mentioned in the fourth part, as well as in the last.



Premium is a household spell that can be used to make almost any invisible ink visible. It was used by Hermione Granger, trying to find out what Riddle’s diary hides. But she could not find out anything, since the magic of the diary was too complicated for her.


How did Severus Snape turn into Severus Snape?

Many Russian-speaking readers often have this question about the family name of such an important character as Severus. Problems in the name of the character or book are common in the story about Harry quite often. The largest was the renaming of the word “philosophical” to “magic” for an American audience. We wrote about it here.


Perhaps it was precise because of the renaming of the “philosopher’s stone” into the “magic stone.” For the American audience that the story of Harry Potter was disseminated. I was making it more accessible to American readers.


From the same opera, our Severus Snape … True, there are systemic differences.


The American publisher initially aimed to adapt the British version as much as possible and sell as many books as possible. Joan Rowling’s first book was bought for $ 1 million. Translator Arthur Levin worked on the book, and it will introduce a fatal change for US residents.


The USA publisher will think about the translation only after the initial glory descending on a book about a young wizard. Such glory was something temporary. According to most translators, and no one expected the continuation of the tape. And even more so the filming of the same movie. Due to the low interest in the book. The publication “Rosmen” will transfer the translation of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” to only one translator – Igor Oransky. Before the books about Harry, Mr. Oransky translated sports events.


Only after the release of the book about the Chamber of Secrets and talk about filming films, which director Chris Columbus would take up, did the changes begin in the translation team. Then the team of translators of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” decided to simplify this terrible word, Snape, making it closer to us and accessible.


Starting from the second book and the first film, we know Professor Severus Snape, who was always bullying Harry Potter under his new and sonorous name.

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