How to Increase Battery Life of your Smartphone?

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There can be thousands of factors that can affect the battery life of your mobile phone. Smartphone companies are trying hard to make smartphones thinner and packed with a high-resolution display with higher pixel densities and refresh rates. In today’s world, we all know how important processors of smartphones are, to make our favorite smartphone games run smoother. But all these features affect the battery life of our phones. So, how to increase battery life remains unanswered!

Google is pushing updates on its smartphone operating system Android regularly just to optimize the power usage of internal hardware and third-party apps. With its new version of the Android operating system Android 10 Q, Google added many features. Some of them are centered on this issue, like digital wellbeing that helps us to track how much we are using our smartphone and which are our most-used apps. Also, they added a feature that puts smartphones on battery saver mode which only allows urgent notifications and apps to run in the background. With all these optimizations the phone battery life automatically boosts, but there are some things you can do to optimize it further.

Here are 5 Best Battery Saving Tips to Improve Battery Life of your Smartphone

  1. Turn On Battery Saving Mode

    Turn On Battery Saving Mode
    Sometimes we get stuck in a situation when our phone battery is low and we don’t have time to charge it again. In that situation we just want our phone battery to last longer than normal. This is the time to turn on the power saver mode or battery saver mode of your smartphone. Almost everyone’s smartphone has some of the other kind or battery save mode baked in their smartphone’s operating system, whether it’s a stock android smartphone like Redmi A1, A2, A3 or a smartphone with a custom ROM like Redmi note 8, POCO X2, etc. This is one of the best ways to increase battery life for your smartphone.

  2. Turn Wi-Fi off When, not in use

    Turn Wi-Fi off When, not in use

    We all think that turning off wifi will help you in saving battery life but it’s not true at all. The fact is, if the wifi is on for no reason then you should turn it off, but if the internet through wifi is available you should turn off your mobile data and use wifi as your internet provider. The chipset used in our smartphone to harness those mobile network signals uses much more battery than wifi chip.

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    So, to improve battery life, you can just turn off your cellular data by turning off mobile data toggle from the notification menu and turn on wifi to connect it with available hotspot.

  3. Stop the Active Tracking of Smartphone

    Stop the Active Tracking of Smartphone

    There are many smart features in your smartphone that help different apps to track your location and connect your phone with other devices. Features like Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, Global Positioning System GPS are helpful in making your smartphone smarter. But they also need a huge amount of battery percentage to do so. If you’re looking to save the juice for more important work, turn them off until you actually need them.

    Google Voice assistant is another program that uses your battery heavily but you might not need it at all the time. You must deactivate it, which will stop google assistant from using your battery life and listening for your voice.

    Also if your phone has any other assistant like Cortana, Alexa or Bixby you can turn them off to increase battery life.

  4. Turn Down your Screen Brightness

    Turn Down your Screen Brightness

    Smartphones nowadays are coming with great displays, but for your information, those high-resolution pixel-dense displays with high brightness levels and refresh rates are battery eaters. If you’re inside your house and lighting is great you might not need your display to be at the highest brightness. Not only will it eat your battery life, but it will also affect your eyesight.

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    You should consider lowering your smartphone display brightness and also turning off auto-brightness will help, the auto-brightness feature uses a proximity sensor to detect ambient lighting conditions to adjust brightness. The proximity sensor itself consumes some amount of battery backup.

    There are also some additional settings that you can adjust to make your battery last even longer. Changing the screen active time will also help, disabling notification wakeup from specific apps will save some juice. This is one of the best battery saving tips to improve battery life.

  5. Take Control of Your Apps

    Take Control of Your Apps

    There are about 2.9 million apps in the Android ecosystem but not all of them are battery efficient. Developers work night and day to optimize apps for better user experience, but sometimes balancing between attractive features like voice recognition and location detection, and battery life becomes tricky. 

    Also, most of the famous apps give regular updates that use our data and battery in the background. Updating all apps can be hefty, but you can stop the auto-update option from play store or app store settings. Or you can set the update set to Wi-Fi the only option. This will temporarily stop the auto-updating of apps.
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